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Village Church Defendant of Mishandling Alleged Sex Abuse of Minor

Village Church Defendant of Mishandling Alleged Sex Abuse of Minor

Village Church Defendant of Mishandling Alleged Sex Abuse of Minor

The Village Church in Texas, crystal rectifier by Matt Chandler, might before long be facing a proceeding from former members who say that the church mishandled the sex crime of their underage girl by one in all the church’s then pastors.

In their initial public interview, former Village Church members Christi Braggs and her husband, Matt, alleged in an exceedingly report within The New York Times that unemployed Village Church children’s minister Matthew Tonne sexually abused their girl once she was regarding eleven at a church camp in 2012.

The couple argued that The Village Church well-versed their issues in an exceedingly spiritually abusive manner and appeared additionally involved regarding the name of the megachurch rather than their girl.

“No one was looking for our daughter’s best interest,” Braggs told the publication. “She matters. Jesus says she matters. We are saying she matters.

“We see the vanity therefore clearly currently. The church isn’t doing this well, and not simply mine.”

Braggs told The New York Times that she was preparing for a family weekend at a lake with friends in February 2018 once her girl, who is currently an adult, asked to speak to her alone.

Her girl then recounted, however, six years earlier, whereas she was at the church camp she awakened within the girls’ space to a number of her undergarments force down. A man, whom she failed to name, was sitting on her bed, touching her. He left once a light went on within the toilet.

Braggs, who disclosed she could be a sexual assault survivor, wasted no time in filing a police report and contacting The Village Church.

Her girl later known Tonne was the man from her reminiscences.

It was solely earlier this year that Chandler disclosed to his church that Tonne was charged with sexual assault involving a minor from his church. He had declined to mention if somebody of interest within the case was ever connected with the church when initial revealing the assault last September.

He had conjointly proclaimed that “no persons of interest” within the investigation had access to kids at The Village Church at the time of the announcement, that the Times delineate as an item. Months after the news of what happened to her girl, the Bragg family, who has since left The Village Church, say they weren’t treated with the care they expect victims of abuse ought to get.

“What we tend to encountered … was a church that has created an acutely aware option to shield itself instead of mirroring the Jesus it claims to follow,” she wrote to the pastor of her church field in Southlake.

“It’s a really unhappy joke,” she continued. “We followed the foundations. We tend to follow the bylaws. We’ve no clue wherever to travel from here.”

Attorneys Boz Tchividjian and Mitch Little, who square measure currently representing the Braggs’ girl, told The New York Times that their client plans to maneuver forward with formal legal proceeding so as to carry Village “accountable for the sexual trauma inflicted upon her as a toddler by an adult worker.”

When asked if they’d a response to the Times report, a representative of The Village Church noted during a response to CP: “We square measure making ready an update that we are going to be sharing with our members before long.”

Information from court documents reviewed shows that Tonne, 35, was charged with indecent kid contact and discharged on a $25,000 bond. He was ordered to possess no contact with the litigant within the case against him or her family.

Tonne was conjointly ordered to possess no contact with kids seventeen years or younger except his own kids.

At the time of the announcement, Pastor Chandler updated the congregation and said: “This unit could be a mess. I actually have in person felt skinny and exhausted and tired and brokenhearted. We would like truth … we wish justice … and that we want healing.”

Before he was off from his post at The Village Church last June, Tonne, an old church worker, was referred to as a beloved leader and hubby with a married woman and 3 kids of his own.

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