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5 Surprising Facts Concerning New Illinois Late-Term Abortion Law known as ‘Death Penalty’ for Viable Babies

5 Surprising Facts Concerning New Illinois Late-Term Abortion Law known as 'Death Penalty' for Viable Babies
5 Surprising Facts Concerning New Illinois Late-Term Abortion Law known as ‘Death Penalty’ for Viable Babies

Illinois Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed an abortion bill into law on Wednesday that expands The Grassland State’s abortion rights in profound ways in which.

The new law strips all rights from unborn kids changes the definition of the viability of an unhatched vertebrate, and legalizes abortions through all 9 months of pregnancy, right up to birth.

Supporters of the new law say it’s required simply just in case the United States of America Supreme Court overturns its 1973 Roe v. Wade call, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

But pro-life teams across the country quickly responded with shock, lining the new legislation extreme.

The Thomas More Society known as the new abortion law constant as “legalizing the corporal punishment, with no chance of charm, for viable unborn preemies.”

“This law is the most radical sweeping pro-abortion live in America and makes Illinois an abortion destination for the country,” More Society VP and Senior Counsel Peter Breen aforesaid during an announcement. “The misleadingly titled ‘Reproductive Health Act’ provides our state with a number of the foremost extraordinarily permissive abortion laws of any state within the nation.”

The cluster says there are five surprising facts concerning the new law:

  • All licensing needs for abortion clinics are abolished, and health and safety inspections concluded, despite those inspections move down various dirty abortion clinics in recent years.
  • Dismemberment abortions of “preemie” babies, who feel pain, excluding anesthesia, are legalized.
  • Every non-public health insurance policy, together with those for tiny churches and non-secular nonprofits, should pay money for elective chemical and surgical abortions.
  • Every unborn kid, up to and even throughout birth, will not have legal backings in Illinois
  • Abortion is labeled a “fundamental right,” protected to a larger degree than Free Speech and different First Amendment rights

The Illinois Right to Life Action has additionally gone through the new law voiced out that it does not represent what the individuals of the state really want.

Mary Kate Knorr, interpreter for Illinois Right to Life Action aforesaid at a group discussion, “It’s a tale as at the previous time. Illinois politicians are a lot of involved with pandering to cash-wielding progressives and Chicago media shops than they’re with representing the individuals of our state. Governor Pritzker does not care what the individuals of Illinois want, nor will he care that abortion takes a personality’s life.”


Ralph Rivera, legislative chairman for the organization, noted the affair response from pro-choice politicians over the new legislation which matches into impact like a shot.

“The affair glee that proponents had for passage of the acute late-term abortion bill solely confirms that they do not want abortions to be safe and rare, however solely legal and procured by our tax greenbacks,” Rivera aforesaid. “What joy will there be within the killing of unborn babies?”

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