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Amazon Pulls Reparative Medical Care Books Giving Healing for Gays, Bans Former LGBT Authors (Christianity Beliefs)

Amazon Pulls Reparative Medical Care Books Giving Healing for Gays, Bans Former LGBT Authors (Christianity Beliefs)

Amazon Pulls Reparative Medical Care Books Giving Healing for Gays, Bans Former LGBT Authors (Christianity Beliefs)

Christianity Beliefs – After removing books on reparative medical care for gays by a late Catholic psychologist from its website, retail big Amazon has conjointly removed books from former LGBT authors who have since left the approach to life.

Several titles by Dr. Joseph Nicolosi were force by Amazon last week, in line with The Huffington Post.

According to reports, Rojo Alan was the man known for convincing Amazon to not sell the books anymore.  Alan told Gay Star News it took him 3 months to persuade Amazon to drag the Nicolosi books.

Books by Joe Dallas and Anne Paulk of the Restored Hope Network are among the most recent books to be forced by Amazon.

Dallas’ book, Desires in Conflict: Hope for Men Who Struggle with Sexual Identity, and Paulk’s book, Restoring Sexual Identity: Hope for Women Who Struggle with Same-Sex Attraction are unavailable on the retailer’s website.

Dallas told The Christian Post it is not shocking to him his book was forced because of LGBTQ pressure.

“Amazon’s call is not any surprise since today’s culture is caving to the goals of the LGBTQ social movement, that have perpetually enclosed the silencing any disapproval of sexual practice,” Dallas aforementioned in an email to the website.

“It would be awfully naive to assume it’ll stop here. First, the LGBTQ movement can convert the culture that telling homosexuals they’ll change is dangerous. Then they’re going to convert the culture that calling homosexuality a sin is dangerous. Then the govt. can tell the pastors of America what they’ll or cannot say on this subject, and therefore the culture can approve.”

In response to the removal of many different books by Amazon, Voice of the Voiceless, a gaggle of former LGBT people, created and denoted a petition on Monday, accusing the merchandiser of censorship and tightened that the books be re-listed on its website.

The petition lists eleven books that the cluster says has been forced by Amazon. In an exceedingly search of the site, CBN News found 2 of the books on the list were still accessible in book form and one in compact disc kind on the platform.

“We are indignant that a smear campaign by one individual (who declared here that he ne’er browse these books) might convince Amazon to censor all books, audio books, and Kindle material associated with our experiences and viewpoints,” the petition reads. As of publication, the petition has garnered 4,490 signatures simply wanting its declared 5,000 signature goal.

Amazon responded by email to CBN News’ request for responding to this story. The merchandiser aforementioned though it provides its customers with a range of viewpoints, it reserves the proper to not sell books that contradict its content tips.


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