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Biography of Jack Cole

Jack Cole Biography

Biography of Jack Cole

Biography of Jack Cole

Jack Cole Biography

Jack Cole Biography – Jack Cole was born on March 11, 1918, and went to be with the Lord on December 16, 1956. Cole was an American Pentecostal evangelist widely known as “the man of reckless faith”. Just as many ministers used tents for the ministry, he had a touring tent ministry and was one of the first faith healers in the United States. That was after World War II because he served in World War II.

He was ordained in 1944 at the Assemblies of God and started preaching even while still serving in World War II. In the next twelve years, Cole traveled the United States to preach his message.

Early Life

He was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and he was the seventh child of George Henry and Blanche Zoe. He was later sent to the orphanage by his parents.  Cole left the orphanage at the age of 17 in 1935. He was an alcoholic at the time and when World War II started, he joined the army. He was quoted to have experienced a miracle during his time in the army that made him become a Christian.

Jack Cole was ordained a minister in 1944 and started his career as an itinerant preacher.

Tent Ministry

He had great admiration for Oral Roberts’ revival tent. He used Roberts’ tent as a benchmark to get his own. He had people measure Oral Roberts’ tent meeting and he ordered a larger one.

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Jack Cole was co-editor of fellow evangelist Gordon Lindsay’s Voice of Healing Magazine until the year 1950, that was when he began his own magazine, the Herald of Healing. He opened an orphanage home for children and built a large church known as the Dallas Revival Center.

He had a conflict with the Assemblies of God on the grounds that he was “leading the public astray” and “provoking Dallas Civil Authorities”. His messages were centered upon divine healing, and he was immovable about not taking medicines and visiting the hospitals.


Charges about his arrest were dismissed the same year 1956 he was arrested. He was arrested for practicing medicine without a license. In November few months after the case was dismissed, Jack Cole became sick while in Hot Springs, Arkansas. He was diagnosed with bulbar polio and died a few weeks later at Dallas’ Parkland Hospital on December 16, 1956. He was 38 years old when he went to be with the Lord.

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His tent was bought by A. A. Allen after his death. Allen continued to hold large tent meetings.

Marital Status

He was married to Rev. Juanita Geneva Scott of Lancaster, Texas. The couple had a son Jack Coe Jr. The son also became a preacher with a healing ministry. Juanita Geneva Scott died September 27, 1996.


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