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Biography of Minister Temitope Monique


Biography of Minister Temitope Monique

Biography of Minister Temitope Monique

Temitope Monique Biography

Temitope Monique BiographyMinister Temitope Monique (Nee Fabiyi), better known by her stage name Monique, is a gifted Nigerian female gospel performer, songwriter, and influencer.

Monique is from Lagos State’s Ishakaga. Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. Simeon Adebisi Fabiyi. Her mother is a businesswoman, while her father is both an engineer and the Osi Oba of Ishaga territory. Out of nine children, Monique is the final one.

Minister Monique grew up attending Iju Grammar School and Iju St. Kisito Primary School, where she was the choir director and lead vocalist for morning assemblies. She was a student at Lagos State University, but she had to leave because of her continual interest in music. She left school to confront music head-on. However, her desire for higher study returned, and she made the decision to enroll in Yaba College of Technology, from which she graduated with a degree in computer science and business administration.

At the age of six, Monique began her musical career as a lead choir member at Christ Miracle Church. From 1997 to 2000, she continued her music ministry at Abundant Life Church. I quit attending church because of the constant squabbling and mistrust among the choristers at that point. Among the three conducting praise and worship was me. Those I met there thought, “Who is this lady who came from nowhere and suddenly became prominent?” as a result. I threw in the towel because it got that horrible. I stopped being passionate about attending church and instead focused on plays and concerts. She gained further recognition at one of these events that House on the Rock’s Pastor Paul Adefarasin hosted. Additionally, Minister Monique competed in the 1999 Circle of Stars competition, winning first place overall.

Minister Monique rejoined the Redeemed Christian Church of God following her hiatus. She grew more serious about God, despite her sporadic attendance, when she realized that the congregation was different from others and the lead pastor encouraged me to give music more thought. I learned along this process that God has given me music as my ministry. People used to fall to the ground whenever I sang at special church programs like deliverance or healing. I couldn’t believe that even on Sunday services, this occurs. I have now completely surrendered to the Holy Spirit’s guidance and accepted my fate as a musician. In 1994, Minister Monique experienced a rebirth, and in 2006, she gave her life back to Christ.

In 1999, she participated in Gold-myne International’s “Circle of Stars competition” and won first place overall. She is currently the music director of the Redeemed Christian church of God (RCCG) His Presence Assembly. She has released a number of singles for numerous organizations, including Kennis Music, Primetime Africa, and others.

My grandma, who lives in France, gave me the name Monique. Ishagaland’s Osi Oba is my father, Engineer Simeon Adebisi Fabiyi. My mom works in the corporate world. Six boys and three girls make up the family of nine children, of which she is the last born.

She went to St. Kisito Primary School in Iju as a child, where she used to lead the class in songs at the morning assembly. Monique moved on to Iju Grammar School, where she continued to sing in the school choir and at the morning assembly. She met a lot of groups from different schools at various competitions because of this. She got to know Midnight Crew members at these competitions. They are tightly connected today. They are really important to her musical career. Another great friend of hers is the gospel rapper Bouqui. They’ve been together for years.

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Monique finally realized that everyone in the family was expected to behave properly. As a result, she didn’t have a relationship during her time in high school or even in college. This is the reason why she doesn’t have any heartbreaking, disappointing, double-dating, or other typical lady love stories. Her spouse is the first love of her life. He is not just her spouse but also her friend.

As a well-known musician, her spouse assisted her in the studio when it came to composing songs. This is what brought them closer together. Upon noticing this, her brothers made threats to deal with him. The day he visited their home and begged her brothers, she was taken aback. With audacity, he informed them that he intended to accompany her to the altar in any scenario. Everyone was taken by surprise by this. He eventually got his way. The couple was married in 2005 after the courting was approved. She formally changed her name to Mrs. Temitope Monique Lawal after that. They have two lovely children, Jamal, a boy, and Eyimofe, a girl, are a blessing.

Monique viewed her participation in music during her school years as only a demonstration of interest and ability. She was obliged to quit from Lagos State University as a result of numerous commitments that took up her days and nights. One of her understanding professors gave her the advice to give up on one or else she would fail both. She left school and took on music head-on. However, she was so hungry for knowledge that she enrolled at Yaba College of Technology once more, where she eventually earned a business administration degree. In addition to her computer science certificate, she was hired by Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB). It’s interesting that while she was at GTB, what had occurred to her at Lagos State University came up again. Due to a concert obligation, she found it difficult to focus on banking. She received numerous invitations from ministries, groups, and churches to participate in their events, concerts, or programs. Monique eventually had to leave banking as a result of the numerous financial losses this caused.

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Early this year, she remixed Oba-Gbogbo Aye, also known as King of the Universe.

Her spouse is also a musician; he goes by Rasque and is the creative force behind secular songs like Ati Ready (We Are Ready) and Soji (Awake). Both albums are commercially successful.

Minister Temitope Monique Lawal and her beau are blissfully wed. They were blessed with two lovely children, a boy named Jamal and a girl named Eyimofe, after being married in 2005.

Music & Songbooks of Minister Temitope Monique
The following sounds have been released to the body of Christ by Minister Temitope Monique.

  • New Story (First Album) – 2009. It has just four songs.
  • Atobi Ju (The Almighty) – 2011.
  • re-mix of Oba-Gbogbo Aye (King of the Universe)
  • Yahweh
  • Onyeoma
  • You are God
  • Not for Sale
  • Power Flow

The artist and creative force behind secular successes like Soji (Awake) and Ati Ready (We Are Ready) is my husband, Rasque.

Temitope Monique, the minister, uses social media frequently. Her official Facebook, Instagram, and X accounts (Monique Temitope Fabiyi) are where you can get in touch with her.


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