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Books On Sabbath Rest [PDF Download]

Sabbath Rest

Books On Sabbath Rest [PDF Download]

Books On Sabbath Rest [PDF Download]

Books On Sabbath Rest PDF. The word “Sabbath” originates from the word “Shabbath,” which means “a day of rest,” as mentioned above. Because He wants us to trust Him, God prescribed a day of rest, and keeping a Sabbath helps prevent us from idolizing labor. Furthermore, when we cannot rest, we collapse.

The word “Sabbath” originates from the Hebrew word “Shabbat,” meaning “rest” or “cessation.” The Sabbath is kept as a day of worship and rest, a time for group worship, spiritual rejuvenation, and a vacation from the daily grind of work. Religious communities and denominations might differ greatly in the exact traditions related to the Sabbath.

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The Books on Sabbath Rest PDF Free Download gathered here will teach you about Sabbath Rest. Take time to read, study, and learn.

Below are the lists of Books on Sabbath Rest PDF:

A Day Apart (How Jews, Christians, and Muslims Find Faith, Freedom, and Joy on The Sabbath) – Christopher D. Ringwald

Perspectives on The Sabbath – Charles P. Arand, Craig L. Blomberg, Skip Maccarty & Joseph A. Pipa

Rhythms of Rest (Finding the Spirit of Sabbath in a Busy World) – Shelly Miller

Sabbath as Resistance (Saying No to the Culture of Now) – Walter Brueggemann

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The Rest of God (Restoring Your Soul by Restoring Sabbath) – Mark Buchanan


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