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Books On Worship [PDF Download]


Books On Worship [PDF Download]

Books On Worship [PDF Download]

Books On Worship PDF. In thanksgiving for everything that God has done for us, Romans 12:1 exhorts us to give God our bodies. We offer our bodies in particular to the One who offered Himself on the cross in the body of Jesus. We always respond to God and what God has done for us via worship.

This verse says that we are to offer our bodies as “a living and holy sacrifice.” Israel’s people were obligated to give God a variety of sacrifices, including fruits and livestock. Romans 12:1 describes how we are to give ourselves as living sacrifices rather than actual sacrifices using imagery from the sacrificial code. On the altar, we do not die.

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Take note that praising God is more than just what we do in church when we’re all together. It goes much beyond what we could accomplish in our own devotions. Romans 12:1 states that true worship entails offering God our entire selves every single day. We live in the world for God’s honor, and our bodies become our means of worship.

What’s the practical meaning of this?

It implies that you can worship God while you work as a teacher in an educational setting, stock shelves, conduct depositions, negotiate contracts, serve customers, support candidates, give hugs to your loved ones, construct a home for the homeless, and conduct Bible studies in your workplace.

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Anything you do can be an act of worship when you strive to offer your body as a living sacrifice to God.

The Books on Worship PDF Free Download gathered here are for you on Worship. Take time to read, study, and learn how to fast and seek the face of God.

Below are the lists of Books on Worship PDF:

100 Creative Worship Ideas For Busy Families – Karen Holford

A Better Way (Rediscovering the Drama of God-Centered Worship) – Michael Horton

A Life of Worship – Ulf Ekman

Art of Worship – Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

Rediscovering Kingdom Worship – Myles Munroe

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