Decision Making: Three Pointers to Watch Out For – Christianity Facts

Decision Making: Three Pointers to Watch Out For - Christianity FactsDecision Making: Three Pointers to Watch Out For – Christianity Facts

Christianity Facts – We are a product of the decisions we make in life. The things we chose to do and not to do, the offer we accepted and the ones we rejected, the people we allowed in our lives, and those we let go of all defined who we are and where we found ourselves.

We daily make decisions and in as much as making wrong decisions is bad, not making a decision is also a decision.

We will like to consider two characters from the scripture, the decision they made and the resultant outcome. Genesis 13 is the account of Abraham and Lot and the strive springing up between them. The strive was getting serious to the point for both to make a decision on what to do to stop it.

The decision that will either make or mar them. Though it later made one and marred the other. A point to note in this chapter especially verse 11, is that Lot chose for himself..” he chose for himself based on what?

Based on the facts he could see and analyze. The preceding verse said he looked around and saw, he saw what was happening as at the time he was looking, he saw what looks good to the eye and what he believes will last him forever.

Often times we behave like Lot, we chose after we might have analyzed the circumstances in our head, we make decisions because of the pressure the circumstances came with. And each time we make the decision in this same environment and with this type of attitude, it always comes to an unexpected end just like Lot. Lot chose by himself without even seeking the counsel of those around him or the elder that has been a portal for the blessing he was enjoying, and by the next chapter, half of what he had was gone. And it went on and on till he lost all.

The reverse was the case with Abraham, he rested on God to choose and the rest was just a blessing for him. Your response in any situation you find yourself matter most as it will always have an outcome either good or bad.

We will consider three-pointers that we must watch out for in the decision-making process:

  • Pride:Where there is no counsel, the people fall; But in the multitude of counselors there is safety.” Proverbs 15:22. One evident thing at this stage in the life of Lot was the fact that he was full of pride. He was locking horn with an elder and as if that was not enough, he was asked to choose and he didn’t deem it fit that the elder should take first. He counted himself as a business mate to the one that served as a channel for his blessing. Not seeking counsel is a bad thing in making a decision as it makes us full of ourselves. God has placed many faithful people around us that will can seek counsel from. They are like a channel to guide us even when it seems God is silent about any issues in our lives. Be humble enough in approaching them.


  • Impatience: Patience is a virtue and that was exactly what Abraham exhibited in this circumstance. Abraham and Lot got to the place to choose, and without a second thought, Lot has chosen. Though circumstances come with pressures and one must be very careful to listen to inner peace. 1 Samuel 13:7-11, is a typical example of what impatience can cause in the midst of challenges. The outcome of Saul’s decision brings about the loss of his throne. When there are no pointers to guide you, be patient enough to let the peace within guide you in making a decision. The peace within was what makes Abraham not be worried about what looked like not so good field in the eye of men. Let the peace within guide your decisions.


  • Prayerlessness: Abraham set up altars everywhere he settled but Lot didn’t set up one. Obviously, he was not a man of prayer. He lived his life based on his feelings and senses. He failed to realized there is more to what he could see because he never had a burning altar. Prayer should come before making any decision because you are a product of your decision. Jesus exhibited this before choosing the twelve – Luke 6 vs 12 -16. Let prayer come first and others can follow.

We should not be a prisoner of our decisions by neglecting the necessary steps in making them. You are a product of your decision, be guided. Shalom.



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