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Download Apostle Arome Osayi Messages

Download Apostle Arome Osayi Messages

Download Apostle Arome Osayi Messages

Apostle Arome Osayi messages are available for download. He is the founder of Remnant Christian Network. Apostle Arome was born on December 2nd, 19977 and he hails from Kogi State.

He is a seasoned minister of God and growing in faith, he follows the footprints of Watchman Nee and Benny Hinn. His ministry is located opposite State Library, KM 1 Makurdi-Gboko Road, Wurukum, Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria.

We have gathered many of his teachings and they touch different areas of mankind.

Free Download Of Apostle Arome Osayi Messages:

Faith Makes It Possible

The Workings Of God

What Seest Thou?


Growth Orientation

Hidden Economy

Organic Salvation

Presenting The Testimony Of Jesus

The Wailing Women


Fresh Fire

Marriage Relationship

Stature With God

Good Warfare Prayer Units

Parameters Of Accuracy

Unveiling Christ

Glory Garment

Spiritual Facts

The True Light

Dispensing Reality

Apostolic Ministry

Creation Subjected In Hope

Reporting To God

Tapping Into The Blessing

Covenant And Sacrifice

Life In The Spoken Word

The Spiritual Apt

Holiness And Sanctification Through Christ

The El-Shaddai

The God That Hides Himself

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The Tools Of Faith 1

The Tools Of Faith 2

The Tools Of Faith 3

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The Tools Of Faith 4

The Way Of The Altar

Territorial Responsibility

That He Might Destroy Death

The Authority Of The Name Of Jesus

The Blood Of Jesus

The Challenge Of The Church

The Discipline Of The Anointing

The Ekklesia

The Emergence Of God

The Experience Of God

The King That Sings

The Language Of Supplication

The Language Of Supplications

The Ministry Of Prayer And Angels

The Ministry Of The Watchmen

The Path Of Spiritual Progress 2

The Presence Of God

The Responsibilities Of A Priest

The Season Of Dues

The Sovereignty Of God Over Situations

The Understanding That Furnishes Faith

The Life Of The Patterned Man

The Rise Of The Remnant

Turn To The Stronghold

Utterances Of The Beast

Voltage Plus

Wasting Men Part 1

Wasting Men Part 2

A Christianity Without Character

Enough Is Enough

Out Of The Ashes

Colonial Masters

Epignosis Strategic Knowledge For Warfare

God’s Dealings On his Children

Governmental Aspect Of Prayer

In Due Season

Kingdom Government On A Life

Messages From The Underworld

Persistent Prayer

Prayer Against Witchcrafts

The Spirit Of Truth

Rest – Absence Of Demonic Activities

Revealed Knowledge Of God

Seasons And Timing

Seek the Presence

Spiritual Tribe

The Burden Of Alignment

The City Of God

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The Cross And Kingdom People

The Day Of God

The Guardians

The Name Jesus

Characteristics Of The Prophetic Operation

The Zealous Ones

They Continued

True Doctrine

Victorious Living

Walking In The Spirit

While Men Slept

Why God Visits

ZOE: The Life Of God

A Gift Deposit

Accurate Authority

Lively Stones

Pillars Of The Apostles Doctrine

The Antidote To Witchcraft

Spirit Of Life

Spirit Based Communication

The Map Of The Marys (Doctrine & Practice Order)

The Map Of The Marys (Authority Structure)

The Power Of Prayer

The Prophetic Destiny

The Spirit Of Glory

Maintaining Conviction

Basic Prayer Lessons – Heart Condition

Experiential Knowledge Of The Spirit

Financial And Material Prosperity

God’s Building

High Calling Of God In Christ

Kingdom Power And Authority

No Myrrh Death Process

Prerequisite For Sonship

Priesthood, Engaging The Immortal Realm

Principle Of Biblical Interpretations

Reality Of The Flesh And Spirit


Striving For The Mastery

The Path Of Spiritual Progress

The Spirit Of Wisdom And Revelation

True Conviction

Utterances Of The Beast

Wells Of Living Water

Why Is Nigeria Crucial

Generational Impart

Mandate Of The Holy Ghost

The Call A Custodian

The Economy Of Gifts

The Gift Of Discernment Of Spirits

The Rise Of False Teachers

The Test Of A Lively Stone

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What Did You Do With Your Fire!

The Spirit Of Glory

Spirit Cry

Fellowship With The Father

Gaining Mastery

Gathered Under His Authority

How To Rest Spiritually

I Knew You

Judgment Of The Gods

Mastering Appetites

Wisdom – The Pathway For Life


Maintenance Words

Prayer Ministration

Prophetic Prayer Education

Revelational Clarity

Sensing In The Human Spirit

The Immortal Realm

The King Spirit

The Significance Of Speaking In Tongues

Consecrated To Serve

Learning How To Fight

The Great Salvation

The Spirit That Quickeneth [Part 2]

Covenant Living

False Prophetic Moments

Spiritual Warfare – Dreams

Knocking Grace

The Gospel Of The Kingdom Of God

Encounters With God


Take No Thought

The Gate

Building Spiritual Capacity

The Dynamics Of The Law

Access To Covenant Riches

The Fire Of Prayer

Gaining Mastery

There Is A Path

Balanced Spiritual Life


Behold The Man

Building Discernment

Discerning The Movements Of The Inner Life

Finding The True Light

Put And Write The Law Of God

Investment Of God

Legislations And Transactions Of The Unseen Realm

Matters Of The Heart

Men With Horns

Potential Power

Principles Of Biblical Interpretations

The Natural Man

The Embassy Of God

Turn To The Stronghold

Staying Power In Prayer


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