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Download Apostle Arome Osayi Messages

Download Apostle Arome Osayi Messages

Download Apostle Arome Osayi Messages 

Apostle Arome Osayi messages are available for download. He is the founder of Remnant Christian Network. Apostle Arome was born on December 2nd, 19977 and he hails from Kogi State.

He is a seasoned minister of God and growing in faith, he follows the footprints of Watchman Nee and Benny Hinn. His ministry is located opposite State Library, KM 1 Makurdi-Gboko Road, Wurukum, Makurdi, Benue State, Nigerian.

We have gathered many of his teachings and they touch different areas of mankind.

Free Download Apostle Arome Osayi Messages

Winning The War Against S.3.x.u.e.l Immorality and Lust

The Wasting Of The Kingdom Part 1

The Wasting Of The Kingdom Part 2

The Testimonies Of The Ephesians

The Rise Of The Remnant

The Purpose Of Redemption

The Prayer Ministry

The Call Of God Day 2

They Are Coming; Men Of Stature

The Horn Of Authority

Spiritual Breathing

Specialized Functionaries Needed For Revival – The Guardian

Ministry Of A Teacher

Gifts Of The Holy Spirit And How They Are Ministered

The Gift Of Faith

How To Activate Your Spiritual Ears

How To Hear The Voice Of God

How To Hear From God

Hearing God’s Voice

The Significance Of Speaking In Tongues


Hallowed Be Thy Name

Voltage Revival Series Day 2

The Purpose Of Pentecost

Accessing Spiritual Food

Apostolic Theology

Basic Prayer Lessons – Heart Check

Mantles, An Inheritance

Not So Lord

Oh God Arise

Reality Of The Spirit Of Truth


The Manifestation Of The Holy Spirit

Kingdom Message

Life After The Fall

Old War

The Recovery Of The Lost Manual

God’s Communication Mode

Erroneous Doctrine

Laying Aside Weights

The Knowing Of Revelation

The Significance Of Death And Resurrection Of Jesus

Drinking The Cup

Sacred Things

Strong In Faith

Complete Gospel

Influence Of The Colonial Masters

Power With God

The Design Of A Man

The Experience Of God

The Second Dose Of Bread

The Voice Of God

Discussion And Question On Mentorship

The Power To Get Wealth

The Substance Of The Holy Spirit

Laws Of The Land

Wisdom Cries

The Power Of Praise

Principles Of The Kingdom

Epignosis -Strategic Knowledge For Warfare

Pure Fountain

Question And Answer On Intercession

Engaging The Prayer Ministry Of The Church

The Anointing

Aligning The Feminine Potential

Your Spiritual Worth

Apostolic Culture

Breaking Forth In The Spirit

Buy Me Of Gold


Covenant And Vow

Covenant Love

Demonized Vs Possessed

Demons And Their Activities

Diversities Of Gifts

End Time Realities

End Time Tips

The Apostolic DNA

Engaging The Supernatural Skill

Establishing Priesthood In A Territory

Gathering Unto Him

Gilgal – A Place Of Circumcision

God Territorial Messengers

Good Warfare

Interactive Session

It Is Given Unto You To Understand

Keys Of David

Legal Foundations

Life After The Fall

Manifestations Of The Spirit Of Divination

Marching Orders

Mounting Up In Prayers

Operating By Covenant

Opportune Time

Ordinations That Defines A Nation

Prayer Of Faith

Priesthood Ministry

Redeeming The Time

The Ability To See Victory

Spirit Of Faith

Spirit Reality

Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Wickedness In The Heavenly Realms

Strength Renewal

Supernatural Exchange

Supplication Vs Spiritual Wickedness In Heavenly Places

The Apostolic Model 1

The Apostolic Model 2

The Apostolic Model 3

The Apostolic Model 4

Need For The Mercy Of God

Operation Of Demons

Prophetic Inspiration

Source Of Supernatural Power

Spiritual Things

The Posture Of A Believer

Test Every Spirit

The Burden Of A Custodian

The Dimensions Of The Experience Of God

The Gift Of Prophecy

The Throne

Thy Latter End Shall Greatly Increase

Understanding The Way Of The Spirit

Apostolic Witness

Overcoming Death

Search The Scriptures

Seeking Out Spiritual Things

The Warfare Of The Mind

Word Of knowledge

Diversities Of Ministries

Wooing Of The Spirit

Accurate Apostolic Community

Corporate Alignment

How To Judge Prophecies

Love Not The World (Idol)

Measured – Ignite The Oil

Realities In The Spirit Beyond The Mind

Source Of Supernatural Power

Spirit Intensity

The Content Of The Apostles Doctrine

The Foundation Of The City Of God

The Guardians Change Guard

The Path Of Life

When The Spirit Gives Birth

Building Your Strongholds


Kingdom Authority

Overcoming Distraction In The Place Of Prayer

Pre Covenant Condition

Revealing Thoughts

Steward Of God

The Burden Of The Fathers

The Move Of The Word Of The God

A Living Stone

Discerning The Movements Of The Inner Life

Having Power With God

Perverted Knowledge

Structures For Authoritative Prayer

Territorial Infrastructure

The Army

The Convergence

The Gospels Of The Kingdom Of God

Give Satan No Place

Spiritual Warfare

The Accursed Thing

Walking With El-Shaddai


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