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Download Pastor W. F. Kumuyi Messages And Audio Sermons


Download Pastor W. F. Kumuyi Messages And Audio Sermons

Download Pastor W. F. Kumuyi Messages And Audio Sermons

Pastor W. F. Kumuyi messages are available for download. He is the general overseer of the Deeper Life Bible Church, Lagos, Nigeria. He is a pastor, author, and televangelist and famous for his Holiness Preaching.

The church is planted in almost every place in the country and also have branches abroad. We have gather lists of Pastor W. F. Kumuyi Messages MP3 download. Pastor W. F. Kumuyi Sermons Audio download will be a blessing for you.

Just click on any title of your desire and it will start downloading within seconds.

We have gathered many of his teachings and they touch different areas of mankind.

Free Download Of Pastor W. F. Kumuyi Messages:

The Drive And Diligence Of Divinely Approved Leaders

God’s Provision For Our Healing 

The Suffering That Strengthens God’s Servant

Watchfulness While Others Are Asleep Part 1 

Watchfulness While Others Are Asleep Part 2 

Watchfulness While Others Are Asleep Part 3

Back To Bethel 

Consecration In Little Things 

Escape From The Power And Influence Of Sodom

Power As Of Old 

Faith That Banishes Worry And Anxiety 

Revelation Series – Christ’s Promise To The Overcomers 

Pulling Down Strongholds By Faith 

The Believer’s Daily Anticipation For Christ 

Christ’s Mission And Ministry To The World 

The Fruitfulness Of A Truly Blessed Minister 

Conserving The Saints Till Christ Comes  

Leading The Flock Of Christ With Christ-Like Love 

Excellent Leadership In An Expanding Ministry 

The Making Of A Courageous Single-Minded Master Builder 

Grace For Victory Over Leader’s Peculiar Temptations 

The Superiority Of The Believer’s Priesthood

The Compelling Charge For Christian Ministers 

Overcoming Great Hindrances To Ministerial Progress

Strategically Developing And Reproducing Effective Fruitful Ministry 

Unwaveringly Standing Up For God’s Revealed Truth

Advancing The Kingdom In Times Of Adversity

Living To Labour Only For God’s Glory 

Our Vigilance And Discernment Of The Spirit At Work 

Advancing Towards A Higher Productive Leadership 

Pastoring With A Shepherd’s Heart In Leadership 

Deriving Unending Profit From God’s Word 

The Able Ministers Of God’s Peculiar People 

The Awakening Of A Champion 

The Heavenly Father’s Investment In Our Holiness 

Equipping Church Elders For Effective Ministry 

The Integrity Of An Invincible Leader 

Leaving The Old And Cleaving To The New Master 

Living To Be Remembered By God 

The Exposure And The Perdition Of The Betrayer 

An Urgent Call To Watchfulness 

Experiencing The Benefits Of Revealed Truth 

The Man God Uses 

Preach The Word 

Why Leaders Fail 

Maintaining Consistent Ministerial Progress Towards Heaven 

Command And Let The Mountain Move 

Exploits Of God’s Favoured People 

Unwavering Faith In The Conquering King

Holiness And Heaven 

Dangers Of Compromise In The Last Days

God’s Unfailing Promises 

Onigbagbo Tabi Elesin 

Our Position And Possession Through The Exalted Christ 

Our Compelling Task In A Desperate World 

Our Pursuit For Holiness And Heaven

Preparing The Way For The New King 

Passionate Prayers For Godlines In The Church

Passion For Souls 

Our Recreation And Dominion In Christ 

Praying Confidently For Supernatural Wonders 

Prevailing Power With God And Man 

Proclaiming The Gospel Of Salvation To Every Creature 

Proper Understanding Of Fasting In The New Dispensation 

Protecting The Faith Above All Else In Ministry 

Purposeful Gospel Proclamation By Spirit Filled Believers 

Renewal Of Consecration 

Responding To God’s Concerned Voice Like Isaiah  

Saints’ Watchfulness And Readiness For Christ’s Coming 

The Ministry Of The Holy Spirit In A Believer 

The Insufficiency Of Praying Without Preaching 

An Unforgettable Encounter 

The Spiritual Profit And Progress Of Wise Pilgrims 

Great Exploits Through Unexpected Youths

Salvation For Many Through

Sanctification And Practical Holiness

Sign Of The Beginning Of The End 

Pursuing Peace And Holiness 

Peculiar Privileges For God’s Peculiar People 

The Conversion And The Calling Of First Disciples 

Tarrying For God’s Power Manifestation 

364 Days Of Extra Ordinary Miracles 

The Apostle’s Servant-Model For All True Believers 

The Believer’s Eternally Redeemable Service On Earth 

The Believer’s Reflection Of Christ’s Love 

The Bible Reading Habit 

The Central Place Of The Lamb In Redemption 

The Divine Approval Of A Normal Christian Life 

The Divinely Revealed Way Of Escape From Eternal Judgement

The Efficacy Of The Healing Stripes Of Jesus 

The Evangelist’s Ministry In The World 

The Expectation And Realization Of Faith 

The Fruitfulness Of Abiding Believers In Christ 

The Glorious Privilege Of Walking With God 

The Glory Of God And The Glorification Of Christ 

The Great Consequences Of Smooth Evangelic Preaching 

The Heavenly Benefit Of Unity Among The True Brethren 

The Indisputable Assurance Of A Saved Soul 

The Necessity Of Childlikeness In Kingdom Citizens 

The Necessity Of The Second Touch 

The Peculiar Relationship Between God And The Godly 

The Purposeful Calling Of The Twelve  

The Shepherd’s Perfect Love For The Sheep

The Sinners Doom And The Saints 

The Spiritual Dynamics Of Total Recovery 

The True Experience For Holiness For Life And Ministry 

The Uniqueness Of Jesus

The Blessing Of Serving God 

Total Commitment To The Vision Of The Heavenly Pattern

Walking In His Resurrection 

Consecration In The Little Things 

Confidence In God, At All Times, Till The End 

Christ’s Compassionate Ministry To The Multitude 

Building With Christ At Every Opportunity 

Ascertaining Our Citizenship In The Kingdom Of God

An Unforgettable Day Of Spiritual Conquest

An Improper Marriage That Terminated An Important Ministry 

Abiding Grace For Acceptable Service 

A Godly Marriage And A Heavenly Minded Family 

Awon Abayori Oluyori Otito 

Aso Ti Emi Fun Okunrin Tuntun Naa 

Ase Kari Aye Fun Gbogbo Onigbagbo 

A Ready Provision For The Week To Do Exploits 

Peace And Holiness 

God’s Demand For Holiness 

The Highway Of Holiness

Practical Holiness 

Holiness And Sanctification

Holiness And Sanctification Of The Bible Characters 

Holiness And Sanctification Of Contemporary Christians

Holiness Unto The Lord 

Sanctification And Crucifixion Of Self

Sanctification Of True Believer 

The Partakers Of The Great Promise

The Eternal Inheritance Of The Redeemed 

Readiness For The Great Day Of The Lord

Christ’s Supreme Sacrifice For Our Sanctification 

Our Call And Challenge To Perfection 

Transparent Holiness Before Profitable Ministry 

Faithfulness  For Heavenly Inheritance

Christ’s Compassion And Concern For The Fainting And The Forgetful

Christ’s Exposition Of The Parable Of The Sower

Christ’s Fuller Revelation Through The Holy Spirit

Christ’s Heavenly Virtue Of Humble Servanthood 

Christ’s Infallible Prophecy Of The Great Tribulation 

Christ’s Power And Authority Over All Demons 

Christ’s Power To Deliver And Cleanse The Unclean

Christ’s Revealed Condition Of Inheriting Eternal Life

Christ’s Teaching On The Permanence Of Marriage

Christ Predicted Revelation Through The Parables 

Christ’s Unfailing Power To Raise The Dead 

Cleansing Man’s Heart From All Defilement 

Complete Healing And Health By His Stripes 

Cultivating True Friendship And Reaping Its Benefits

Purity Within; A Must

The Wise And The Foolish Virgins 

The Great Commandment In God’s Family 

Watchfulness While Others Sleep

The Faithful, Favoured Few 

The Old Landmarks In Modern Times

Vessels Of Honour In God’s Hand 

Divine Intervention For Good’s Faithful People 

Our Authority And Dominion In Christ 

Supernatural Breakthrough

Scriptural Foundation For Christian Marriage 

The Unlimited Life And Christ’s Fullness In Us 

The Christ’s Sufficiency And A Life Of Holy Triumph Master 



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