Heaven Lyrics Bebe And CeCe Winans

Heaven Lyrics Bebe And CeCe Winans

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Bebe & CeCe Winans Lyrics

Heaven Lyrics Bebe And CeCe Winans

Now that it’s over
There’s no more use for guns and war
Cost me a lifetime
Just to gain this life’s reward

They say streets of gold
Can you imagine somewhere
Where life will never end
No one ever grows old
Oh, my brother please
Come with me

It’s what I live for
A place where love will never cease
Willing to die for
Heaven is where I want to be

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There are instructions
We must follow to a tee
In order to reach there
And there is where Ive got to be


No more nights
There is a place
Where there’ll be no more crying
He is the light
Counting the days
When we meet in that place


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