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‘Make Ill-usage A High Priority’: Mike Pompeo Announces Creation of International Religious Freedom Alliance (Christianity Beliefs)

'Make Ill-usage A High Priority': Mike Pompeo Announces Creation of International Religious Freedom Alliance (Christianity Beliefs)

‘Make Ill-usage A High Priority’: Mike Pompeo Announces Creation of International Religious Freedom Alliance (Christianity Beliefs)

Christianity Beliefs – On Th, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo proclaimed the creation of the International Religious Freedom Alliance, which is able to make the problem of ill-usage a high priority for countries around the world.

One of the goals of the new alliance is going to be to carry responsible countries who deny individuals the right to freely follow their religion.

Pompeo was clearly happy by the expansion of this year’s ministerial with a whole bunch a lot of attending compared to last year.

He said it proves non-secular freedom matters to billions of individuals around, and that is why he proclaimed a vital next step.

Pompeo hopes the alliance can bring countries with the same views along outside of this annual conference.

“It can offer a space for the work that we do here to flourish throughout the year,” the secretary of state aforesaid.

Pompeo went through a litany of documented cases of religious ill-usage.  Even inform to the current conference and individuals who were denied the possibility to be at the conference like some people from Cuba.

Last weekend, the Cuban government prevented them from boarding their flights to travel to Washington, D.C. to precise their religious freedom,” Pompeo noted. “Such is that the thuggish intolerant nature of the present regime in the capital of Cuba.

But he referred to China as the worst oppressor concerning religious freedom.

“It is really the stain of the century,” he said.

Noting since 2017, the Chinese government has detained quite above a million Muslims and alternative minorities.

“In China, the Chinese communist party demands management over the lives of the Chinese individuals and their souls,” Pompeo explained.

From the Oval Office, the President was called to attention first hand a number of the stories of religious ill-usage.

“Please.” “Thank you, Mr. President, for the chance to meet you. I’m Esther from Nigeria,” one woman told President Trump.

“I will refer myself a Muslim within the US, however not in Pakistan. Otherwise, i will be fined,” another man aforesaid.

Vice President Mike Pence greeted the ministerial on behalf of the president, saying the White home is taking retaliatory steps in the fight for non-secular freedom.

“Today, i am asserting that the US has placed sanctions on 2 leaders of Iranian-backed militias for all they’ve done,” Pence proclaimed. “We can hold them responsible.”

Pompeo conjointly noted that he is aware that China’s Communist discouraged countries from attending this year’s ministerial. He said to people who came in spite of that pressure “We salute you.  To people who bowed to the pressure and did not return, we observe.”


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