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Manifesting Spiritual Realities by Apostle Joshua Selman (Download)

Apostle Joshua Selman

Manifesting Spiritual Realities by Apostle Joshua Selman (Download)

Manifesting Spiritual Realities by Apostle Joshua Selman (Download)

Did you miss Apostle Joshua Selman’s March 10 Koinonia Abuja service, “Manifesting Spiritual Realities”? Please find some nuggets below before downloading. Every aspect of the material world has an analogous counterpart in the spiritual world; Believers have an advantage because they are aware that there is a dimension that exists above and beyond the material world. Regardless of your knowledge of them, God always communicates with you from the consciousness of the unseen resources that have been made available. You must think that there is a reality in the spirit that is higher and more powerful than the world you see if you want to succeed in your spiritual life.

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Only when we master the transference of spiritual truths into the material world do realities become evident. Making money occurs at the time of conversion, not at the discovery stage. Your life will be nothing short of amazing if you can transform spiritual realities. First and foremost, the resources of the kingdom are spiritual; they are realities found in the spirit world. All that God has spoken is true in the spirit world.

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