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Mom of Boko Haram Captive Who Refuses to Deny Christ Pleads to Trump for Facilitation

Mom of Boko Haram Captive Who Refuses to Deny Christ Pleads to Trump for Facilitation

Mom of Boko Haram Captive Who Refuses to Deny Christ Pleads to Trump for Facilitation

The mother of Leah Sharibu, a Christian lady kidnaped by Boko Haram last year, visited the US on to turn President Donald Trump to pressure the Nigerian federal to figure tougher to secure the discharge of her lady.

Rebecca Sharibu told attendees gathered for a give-and-take on ill-treatment in the Federal Republic of Nigeria hosted by the conservative think tank Heritage Foundation that she has not received from the Nigerian government in months concerning the hassle to secure the discharge of her girl.

This is despite allegedly being affirmed by Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari that he would do his best to secure the discharge of the 16-year-old lady.

Leah Sharibu, who turned 16 last month, has been held captive by a faction of Boko Haram known as Islamic State West area Province since Feb 2018. That’s when she was kidnaped together with over 110 different schoolgirls in Dapchi. However, 5 died and all others were free weeks later.

The jihadis reportedly failed to unleash Sharibu along with her classmates attributable to her refusal to renounce her belief in Christ.

“I am Rebecca Sharibu. I stand here pleading with the government of the U.S. Please facilitate me!” Sharibu aforementioned at the gap of the event as she started crying. “Please get my girl back.”

Sharibu continued crying as she was consoled by her translator, Gloria Puldu.

“We stand here with Rebecca Sharibu, the mother of Leah Sharibu,” Puldu said. “Her girl remains in captivity. We’ve got tried the simplest that we have a tendency to find favour in the eye of our federal and state governments to form certain that she is free. However, up until now, Leah has not been free.”

In October 2018, Sharibu commands a group discussion career on the Nigerian government to try to do their best to confirm that Leah is free. Consistent with Puldu, the group discussion was command as a result of there hadn’t been any government official that visited the fogeys to inform them of the information that they had on their daughter’s seizure.

After the group discussion, Sharibu finally spoke on the phone with Buhari months when her daughter’s abduction. Puldu aforementioned that Buhari secure to try to do his best to secure her daughter’s unleash.

“After two weeks of the president speaking along with her, we have a tendency to get the remarks of 3 ministers that he sent to Dapchi,” Puldu explained. “That was the primary official government folks that came to envision them in Dapchi. However, since then we haven’t seen them.”

Reports at the time recommended that the militants were stringent a ransom of concerning $275 million for Sharibu’s unleash.

“In Feb 2019, we had another conference crying out that the president has affirmed that Leah are free. However, up heretofore, we haven’t received anything from the govt since that time,” Puldu intercalary. “After that, nothing. we haven’t heard from them.”

Puldu aforementioned that there was a nationwide support day on May 13, the day of Leah’s sixteenth birthday. The support spanned across multiple states.

“Especially for us, we have centered on our number citizen, Aisha Buhari, that she ought to speak to her husband so we’ll be able to have our girl free as a result of her conscience,” Puldu aforementioned. “Up to now, we failed to get that spotlight. That’s why we are here. [We want] to plead along with your government to pressure our government as a result of our government inability to secure her unleash.”

“We are pleading with you to please turn our government or to step in and do one thing,” she continued. “[We want] to turn all of you. We all know that President Trump will do one thing concerning it. Your directors will do one thing concerning it. All of you sitting here will do one thing concerning it.”

Puldu intercalary that the Nigerian government ought to be accountable since they’re unable to prevent Boko Haram from raging across the northeastern part of the country.

“Women and girls are lodging Hell. Please pressure our government,” Puldu complete. “Help us. We are out here. [Rebecca] is crying, simply wanting her girl to be let loose.”

Former representative and old spiritual freedom advocate Frank Wolf, the soul of the Frank R. Wolf International Religious Freedom Act of 2016, spoke during the event and called on the U.S. government to be additional active in watching the “genocidal” acts being committed in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“In the Bible, Peter denies Christ 3 times,” Wolf aforementioned. “There may be a 14-year-old Christian girl who wouldn’t deny Christ. The church within the West has an associate degree obligation to talk out. Secondly, this administration — career and non-career — and Congress have to be compelled to be engaged.”

For as engaged as the U.S. was within the international coalition fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syrian Arab Republic, Wolf stressed Boko Haram has been even as deadly, if not deadlier, than IS.

“Until the concept of putting to death began within the Ninevah Plains [of Iraq], our government was comparatively silent,” Wolf recalled. “I spoke an associate degree professional before I came here as a result of I needed to form certain we have a tendency to weren’t exaggerating and throwing the word around. Boko Haram is guilty of putting to death. We’ve got a museum not far away from here, ‘Never once more.’”

Nigeria ranks the twelfth worst nation within the world once it involves Christian ill-treatment, consistent with the Open Doors 2019 World Watch List.

Along with Leah Sharibu, Boko Haram has kidnaped many school girls.

In 2014, the cluster kidnaped around 276 faculty girls from the principally Christian city of Chibok, Nigeria.

After years of world support, a touch over one hundred of the Chibok schoolgirls are free. However, about 112 others are still missing.

“They [the government] aren’t talking concerning our girls any longer,” Chibok parent Enock Mark, whose 2 kids are still missing, told Al-Jazeera in April. “They are acting as if they’re happy concerning what happened to us.”

Other participants on Tuesday’s panel event mentioned the genocidal horrors Christian farming communities have faced at the hands of Fulani radicals within the Middle Belt of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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