Music: Like You Do – Paul Idiong & Engraced


Music: Like You Do - Paul Idiong & Engraced

Music: Like You Do – Paul Idiong & Engraced

Paul Idiong & Engraced releases a massive new song titled “Like You Do‘ produced by Inimfon Usoro.

God doesn’t have love, love is who He is. Everything He did and does for us is out of His boundless love for us.

The song is beyond the melody and harmony, is trying to express the depth of that love as experienced by the prolific songwriter Paul IdiongEngraced and the phenomenal songbirds Usimeke Usoroh and Favour Enoh.

It’s our prayer that every soul who will hear this song will be blessed by it and most importantly experience, for those who haven’t, the greatest love of all-times.

Download, listen, and be blessed:



Stay Safe!!!


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