Our Daily Diet With Jesufemi O. Opadiran

Our Daily Diet With Jesufemi O. Opadiran

Our Daily Diet With Jesufemi O. Opadiran

Topic: Empowered To Make A Difference 2

If you sincerely desire to make a difference in your world, that difference must begin with you first.

Your life as a believer is programmed and predestined to bring glory and reward to the name of the Lord.

The Almighty God will only be happy with you on the premise that you are reproducing the gifts He has deposited in you to others.

So, in order for your life to bring profit and honor to His name, you must prepare your mind in such a way that’s targeted at making a difference in the lives of others.

Everyone born of God has a free ticket to make a difference, and the kind of difference God expects from us is no other than the one that’s orchestrated on positivity and transforming souls.

As a being empowered to make a difference, here are a few things that you’ll be able to make happen as a difference-maker.

First, you will be able to provide taste to every tasteless situation around you. Remember, the good old book makes us understand that we are the salt of the earth, and the moment salt loses its taste, it becomes useless.

For the fact that you have been empowered to make a difference, it becomes imperative for you to bring changes and sweetness to the lives of others either through your experience, messages, pieces, or story.

Secondly, you will be able to provide direction for others. The major work of light is to provide direction. This is evidenced in what the good old book says, ye are the light of the world, a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden.

If your life isn’t challenging people to turn from their unholy mission, then, there is a serious need to evaluate yourself. As a difference-maker, you are ordained to light the path of others.

Please understand that making a difference is about affecting people’s lives positively, it is about standing out among your contemporaries, it is about releasing yourself to impact on your generation.

Hear me; there will never be another now, make the best use of today. Personally, for me, the hardest currency in the world is time. Once misused, it cannot be regained nor recovered again.

Also, bear in mind that there will never be another you, make the best use of your life and the opportunities gazing at you. What you do with your life today will determine where you will end up tomorrow.

What does it mean to make a difference?

To make a difference means the ability to be unique, as a difference-maker, your life must consistently signal plus to the one who has empowered you. It means being a contributor to the development around you.

Obviously, if you are not contributing to your society, you are indirectly a detractor. It means being a distributor and not a beggar. You are called to be a giver, a celebrator, and a lender to your nation. If yours is contrary, then you are operating outside the plan and agenda of God for your life.

Remember, you’ll only be remembered for your contribution to humanity and not your excuses. In addition, you’ll be remembered for the problem you are able to solve and of course, the one you help to create. I want to encourage you to please be a problem solver and desist from being a problem creator.

In conclusion, have a determined heart to join others who are making an impact, as you keep anticipating the alert you expect from your employer, you must constantly have God in mind as well. From time to time, ask yourself, at the end of each day, week, month, or year, what’s entering the account of God in my life?

If you couldn’t provide a befitting response to the questions above, don’t feel too comfortable dining and winning when you are supposed to be thinking about how you can depopulate the kingdom of darkness thus, populate the kingdom of light via the ministry He has called you to serve.

You are not just a statistic of numbers, you are here to turn your world upside down, this should be your prime goal every day, don’t rest until you see this mission accomplished.

Empowered to save souls from hell! Empowered to draw men unto God!! Empowered to redeem people from their wicked ways!!! Empowered to make a difference across the length and breadth of the earth!!!!

My prayer for you is that every grace you need to make a significant difference in your world, the Lord will bestow it upon you and as you are making up your mind to join others in making a difference, you’ll not fall by the wayside, the strength of God will carry you through, Amen!

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