Our Daily Diet With Jesufemi O. Opadiran

Our Daily Diet With Jesufemi O. OpadiranOur Daily Diet With Jesufemi O. Opadiran

Topic: Rejoice!!!

Did you wake up this morning with a burden in your heart? Is your heart full of sorrow, sadness, and bitterness? Do you consider yourself worthless because you felt life hasn’t been fair to you? Have you considered committing suicide because nothing seems to work for you?

Well, it might be worth it but I have great news for you, the Lord has assured me to tell you that that burden will be lifted, He will wipe away tears off your face and He will make your life worth living again only if you will hand over yourself to Him completely.

No one rejoices for nothing, though, some persons believe that living a good life is enough to rejoice, but the greatest form of rejoicing is packaged in knowing the Lord personally.

Irrespective of whatever you have or whatever you’ve become, so far you are living outside the instructions, precepts, and commandments of God, your rejoicing is nothing but a waste of time.

To some extent, I have a good grasp of the word of God, and every believer is expected to be close to His word as well so as not to get carried away by every wind of doctrine.

When the good old book encourages us to rejoice in the Lord, I say again rejoice. It shows that our rejoicing should be based on the fact that we are sanctified, saved, and free from the shackles of sin.

Most people don’t actually understand this verse of the scripture. It is so unfortunate that many people rejoice over what the Almighty God frowns at, yet they see nothing bad in what they are doing.

Aside from the fact that He expects us to rejoice over the salvation of our soul and the grace we have received to be sanctified and of course, live above sin, He expects us to also rejoice for impacting others through the ministry He has called us into.

Have you ever noticed that you experience greater peace in your soul each time you speak life into others, especially to someone who has lost hope?

Do you observe that the everlasting joy of the Lord continually dominates your heart each time you are able to proffer solutions to the problems of others?

How do you feel expressing your messages, whether as a Pastor, Public Speaker, or Strategist to others, obviously, you feel on top of the world?

What’s that feeling you have in you when someone you barely know or even know begins to talk to you about how your book has really blessed and impacted him to see and think differently, surely, your heart rejoices.

This is what I personally refer to as the true definition of rejoicing. If none of the above is reflecting in your life, I want to confidently tell you that you haven’t started living at all.

Rejoicing starts the moment somebody somewhere sights you and walks up to you saying, Sir/Ma, I have not met you before but I can sincerely profess that your coming to existence has indeed been a blessing to me.

Please understand that such a statement cannot just be altered if that fellow has not been a source of inspiration to him. It means that he must have stumbled upon his works, it could be his messages, songs, books, social media posts, or anything worthwhile before making that confession.

I ask again, what is your basis for rejoicing? What is propelling you to smile, dance, and shout for joy?

Until you are able to define correctly the true meaning of rejoicing, you may just be making a mockery of yourself.

Rejoice because you are able to know God genuinely! Rejoice because your life is affecting others positively!! Rejoice because your coming to earth isn’t a waste!!! Rejoice because you have the hope of reigning with Christ on the last day!!!!



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