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‘We’re Not Allowed to Own Bible Study’: Old Couple Heads to Court Over Eviction Threat (Christianity Beliefs)

'We're Not Allowed to Own Bible Study': Old Couple Heads to Court Over Eviction Threat (Christianity Beliefs)

‘We’re Not Allowed to Own Bible Study’: Old Couple Heads to Court Over Eviction Threat (Christianity Beliefs)

Christianity Beliefs – An old Christian couple may well be evicted from their Virginia senior living community if they hold a Bible study.

But the two are fighting back. They’ve currently filed a federal legal proceeding, alleging non-secular discrimination.

Ken and Liv Hauge are married for 64 years. The 87-year-old Ken and 85-year-old Liv study the Bible along throughout personal devotions in their Fredericksburg living accommodations.

It’s a peaceful scene, however, if the retired Lutheran minister and his married woman invited others over to check the Bible, they may be evicted.

“Specifically we’re not allowed to own Bible study. And in this 21/30 Notice, it went broader than covering the Club Area,” Ken told CBN News. “It specifies that I’m not permissible – as a result of it’s thought of conducting business on behalf of me – to hold a Bible study.”

The threat of eviction by the property management and also the parent company says that Ken and Liv may well be evicted for breaching their lease if they hold a Bible study within the community area or perhaps in their own living accommodations.

“Tremendous disappointment and simply an excellent disappointment that the company would develop such a discriminatory policy against the community of particularly Christian religion,” Ken shared.

The notice reads, “You have broken the terms of your lease by participating in conduct that has caused, and continues to cause, serious and substantial disturbances with alternative residents of the community….”

It calls on the Hauges to “cease conducting any business operations” in their home and also the community aside from those permissible beneath their lease, citing Bible study category, non-secular show screenings and “counseling” sessions as prohibited “business operations”.

The non-profit non-secular freedom Law firm, First Liberty, is representing the Hauges.

“They’ve conjointly prohibited the uttering of table grace at resident social meals,” Lea Patterson, counsel with First Liberty, told CBN News. “In fact, what they’ve done is that they must refuse to reimburse the resident social director for the prices of the meal if table grace is alleged.”

First Liberty says that even if the law protects the Hauges from non-secular discrimination in housing, Ken has in agreement to quickly stop leading the Bible study to stop being evicted – till circumstances are resolved appropriately.

“What we’re asking is for the court to carry the management company in command of violating Ken and Liv’s right to measure out their religion in their house likewise to make sure that no alternative residents ought to suffer through what the Hauges have endured,” Patterson explained.

The landlord writes that the threat of eviction “is in no manner supported your non-secular beliefs and/or practices or requesting that you just stop being active in your faith.”

CBN News contact the attorney representing The Evergreens at Smith Run and its parent company, Community real estate Company, for a response to the situation, as well as the federal legal proceeding.

A representative for The Evergreens declined, saying they “have nothing to say on matters of unfinished proceedings.”

The Evergreens management and its parent company have till July 10 to retort to the legal proceeding.


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