Wilderness Experience Our Season of Training and Trials

Wilderness Experience Our Season of Training and Trials

We know God’s desire for us to have a successful life. But life can be challenging most times that can make us ask a question to why things are happening in our life.

Wilderness Experience Our Season of Training and Trials

We may pray at times and the change we desire didn’t come. We may fast and see no result.

This season may be a season of our wilderness experience. A “Wilderness experience” is a period of training and trials, is a phase in your life when all things seem not working.

A period intensified temptation and spiritual attack. It may be a period when Spiritually, Financially, Emotionally or even Physically things are not pleasant.

Wilderness experience may not necessarily be as a result of sin. We belong to the kingdom that is governed by different principles and for you to triumph in any phases; you must abide by the teachings.

A wilderness is a must to experience by anyone that wants to reach the top in life. It is a place where you will be humbled and taught, a place where no one can experience for you but you alone.

It is usually a period in which a believer experience discomforts and trials. Great men had their wilderness experience but they make it count.

Must I go to the Wilderness?

The answer is Yes. God only gives speed but doesn’t rush men. Your experience in the wilderness is to gain mastery of whatsoever thing He has called you to do.

What is your struggle in life like? Financial? Spiritual? Relationship? It is for a purpose to pass through it.

A wilderness is a place of laying down your motives and carrying on God’s will.

You may want a partner badly that you just can’t wait to get one, pay attention to the teaching in the wilderness and the right one will come your way.

Joseph was a man that saw many things about his future and destiny. Though great and colourful future he saw but there were torn along the way to teach him how to behave when he gets to the throne.

That was why he could tell the brothers that though they thought bad to him it was God at work training him.

The process though was not pleasant, from the house of Potiphar to the prison but he learnt major lessons; i) Administrative ii) Human Relation skill.

He learnt administrative in the house of Potiphar that God put all things in his care and they were secured.

The only thing not under him was mismanaged and that was the wife of Potiphar. The husband himself submitted and he was secured.

He learnt administrative that made it easy for him to know the solution to the famine when he was presented before Pharaoh.

How a slave could have such authority if not the will of God for him.

Human Relation skill; oh! He learnt even that while in prison. The cupbearer and the baker were troubled and Joseph was so tender-hearted to attend to them.

Many would have turned a blind eye at them because they were serving punishment for what they did. And Joseph was innocent but did not use that as an excuse.

He was quick to embrace them and that was why they could open up to him. His human management served him well years later.

David was another example; God has a plan for him to become ruler over Israel but had to train him as a shepherd before he could become a king.

Due to the circumstances surrounding his birth, he was neglected by the family for most of their important meeting.

That was why he could not be called when the prophet came to anoint him.

What could be as worst as being neglected by your own family? Lovers may leave you, friends may neglect you but what about family (Psalm 27 vs 10).

No wonder David was quick to realize what God did to him in his wilderness when he was faced with a deer.

He likened Goliath to a deer because he was trained to prepare for Goliath with a deer.

God was preparing him for Goliath but He used a deer, where you are going is actually bigger than your present challenges but He has to use the challenges to train you for the bigger picture.

David could count on how he killed a deer in the front of the king even though he fought it privately.

You win privately before you can command public victory.

While everyone was afraid to step forward and fight Goliath, just like the sheep could not move to meet the deer, he stepped forward and fought for the sheep because he has been trained to be a shepherd.

It wasn’t a mistake that he didn’t lose a battle throughout his lifetime, it was because of the attention he paid to the teachings.

Even while he was anointed as king, he didn’t move directly to the palace, to go and dethrone the reigning king.

He went to the palace as part of the training that he must pass through. It was years later that he could sit on that throne.

There is a saying that if you appear before your time, you will disappear when your time comes.

He waited patiently to learn what is needed for him and the destinies attached to him.

The process may not be pleasant but does not leave us without promise, He will comfort us in all our troubles (2 Corin 1vs4).

Even Christ in the wilderness, the Angels were there to minister to him. Pay attention not for your sake alone but for the sake of those that will pass through these same challenges so that the same teaching you receive, you can use to help them.

God is wonderful in creating systems that work forever, He doesn’t have to repeat and repeat things.

If David had not paid attention, Goliath would have harassed them and may have even held them captives but because of the pain a man went through, many lives were saved.

Will you pay attention to the teachings that will save generations through you or will you make them suffer for you not paying the price?

Our Lord Jesus Christ was led to the wilderness for His own training too.

After being filled with power, He went to the wilderness to be taught how to use what He received. He was tried and tested for what He received maybe He will submit or not.

God will not bring you out there if He has not tried and approved you.

Tried you with circumstances, tried you with different things that prepare you for where He is taking you to.

How long can my wilderness Experience last?

Though there is a time appointed for your wilderness experience to last you can alter it with the way you yield yourself to the teachings.

Your wilderness experience will last as long as you are ready to pay attention to the training.

Hurry is not a word in the wilderness. Even at the point where Joseph thought an opportunity to finally leave the wilderness as come, he still has to wait.

He pleaded with the Chief Cupbearer to remember him once he got back to the palace not knowing his presence was not needed at the time he desired it.

He would have just get out of the prison and leave Egypt as a mere man. That was not the time on God’s agenda to bring the dream to Pharaoh and to bring him out of the wilderness.

For two years, nothing was said about Joseph and his way of living in the prison until the time of his arrival came. The time came when to him it doesn’t look like he was leaving the prison.

Your leaving the wilderness is dependent on God and you paying attention to the process.

The people of Israel were tried in an actual wilderness, and they failed the test.

This resulted in their wilderness experience being prolonged. Do you want to leave the wilderness at the time appointed? Then pay attention to the teachings.

Any Assurance in the Wilderness?

From the above examples, it was clear that:

  1. It is not a sin to be tried
  2. It is God’s will that time of trial comes our way
  3. We are never without His grace

And if we know we are not without His grace, we should trust and hope on Him in any challenges we are facing.

Even Jesus while in the wilderness, the Angels were there with Him to minister to Him.

The bible says things like these are examples for us (1 Corin 10 vs 6,11) and for our learning.

You are not passing through the wilderness for your own sake alone but also for the destinies attached to you just like Joseph and David.

David learnt how to survive in the wilderness with the sheep and that was why he could shepherd four hundred men in the cave of Adullam.

God promises to make a way for us in that same trial (1 Corin 10 vs 13). Your experience in the wilderness will be worth it if you can trust him for the process. Shalom.



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