Yahweh – FaithPraise (Christian Music Download)


Yahweh – FaithPraise (Christian Music Download)

Yahweh – FaithPraise (Christian Music Download)

Christian music download by the Nigerian Christian artist FaithPraise titled “Yahweh.

This song was birthed out of love and hunger for God, I discovered that so many people have made other things their object of worship, man, money, kings and so on, rarely do they see God as all in all, they say it with their mouth but their heart betrayed them. But it gives me the joy to know that we have only one king one Lord, One God who is our Yahweh, The Holy God, and His Kingdom Shall Reign forever.” – FaithPraise.

Download, listen and be blessed.


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Lyrics: Yaweh By FaithPraise

Verse 1
You Are The God Who Reigns Supreme
Your Glory Fills The Earth
As We Lift Our Voice In Worship Let Your Kingdom Come And Your Will Be Done In Us.

Chorus: Oh Ohooo, Oo Yahweh We Worship You. 2x
God You Reign On High2x
Response: You Reign You Reign On High

Kings And Kingdoms Shall All Pass Away You Reign On High
You Reign On High
Your Kingdom Shall Reign All Over The Earth
You Reign On High
You Reign On High
And Forever And Ever We Will Worship You
You Reign On High…

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