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Berserkeley? Liberal CA City Goes Gender Neutral, No A Lot of ‘Manpower’ or ‘Manholes’ (Latest News)

Berserkeley? Liberal CA City Goes Gender Neutral, No A Lot of 'Manpower' or 'Manholes' (Latest News)

Berserkeley? Liberal CA City Goes Gender Neutral, No A Lot of ‘Manpower’ or ‘Manholes’ (Latest News)

Latest News – The Berkeley, Calif., City Council nem con voted to strike any gender-specific words from its current municipal code, which means a “manhole” can currently be referred to as a “maintenance hole.”

Berkeley’s municipal code uses principally male pronouns, like “he”, however, the new code can switch from he and she to “they” once relating people, consistent with television station KTVU.

The new ordinance was passed by the council on its initial reading. The concept was introduced last March by city council member Rigel Robinson, 23.

“Language has power. The words we tend to use are vital,” Robinson told the tv station. “It’s not solely timely however necessary to create certain that our laws very represent everybody.”

According to the website checked Curbed San Francisco, partly the text of the metric reads:

“Revising the Berkeley Municipal Code to incorporate gender-neutral pronouns by eliminating any gender preference language to point that whenever a gender-neutral individual pronoun is employed, it shall be deemed to incorporate the female and male conjointly.”

Some other word changes include:  A bondsman can now be referred to as a “bondsperson.”  A fireman can currently be a firefighter. Craftsmen can become artisans.

And the list goes on.  Heirs are going to be modified to beneficiaries. Manpower is going to be “human effort” and a pregnant woman is going to be stated as pregnant employes.

Click here for an entire list of words that will be modified.

The amendment to the gender-neutral words would force a second vote by the council on July 23 before turning into a city ordinance.

Note to city workers discovered by Curbing San Francisco (LINK) noted “in recent years, broadening societal awareness of transgender and gender-nonconforming identities have dropped to the stage the importance of non-binary gender inclusivity. Therefore, it’s each timely and necessary to create the setting of City hall and the language of city legislation per the principles of inclusion.”

KTVU reported they found a mixed reaction to the gender-neutral changes.

“If it makes the city happy I assume they will plow ahead. They may amendment it to the maintenance hole. I am certain it would not hurt anybody,” Erin Davis told the station.

Other Berkley residents weren’t in agreement with the council

“No. Uh…I think it’d stay similar. Why amend it?” aforesaid Pallas Athena Addison.

And at one Berkeley fraternity, Saint Andrew the Apostle Haits, a UC student had this reaction: “Come on. Enough is enough,” he snickered. “I assume they’ve gone too much. The rationale why they are gender-separated is as a result of they’re gender separated. Fraternities are male and sororities are feminine.”

In addition, all forms created by the city of Berkeley will embody an area for users to designate that pronoun they like, consistent with the tv station.


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