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Biography of Minister David Nkennor


Biography of Minister David Nkennor

Biography of Minister David Nkennor

Minister David Nkennor Biography

Minister David Nkennor, a worship leader and songwriter with a unique anointing for particular songs, was born on June 21.

His singing career started in 1999 when he was just a teenager. He was a member of a six-man accapella choir called BABY’S HEART, which became quite well-known in less than ten years and spread the gospel of humility and love for Jesus throughout Nigerian churches, concert halls, and university campuses.

He is a singular combination of experience and creativity who worships God with fierce zeal.

“Without Restriction,” “Blessings & Honour,” “We Want More,” and several other songs that are sung in many churches today were written by him.

David Nkennor, an educationist by background, has performed and/or spoken at important Christian gatherings and music conferences all around Nigeria.

David Nkennor is the President of Worship Culture, a company, and the visionary behind W.I.D.E.

Concerning Worship, W.I.D.E.

David Nkennor uses the abbreviation WORSHIP IS W.I.D.E., which stands for Worship is What I Do Every Time. A music ministry called W.I.D.E is committed to fostering environments for authentic worship and offering resources to enable individuals to encounter God in novel ways.

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On September 28, 2008, a live worship recording in Lagos, Nigeria, marked the debut of W.I.D.E. About a hundred worshipers participated in an event that will eventually be shared with the entire world in that room.

The atmosphere quickly became heavy, and almost no one had any idea how deep and powerful this gathering would be. Video and audio records of this event were made, and within months, thousands of people’s homes, cars, and hands began to receive testimonials from people in Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, the United Kingdom, America, Cyprus, and other places—all without any public awareness!

Since then, this tape has helped save lives, heal illnesses, and relieve some people of their burdens, among other things. Our objective now involves duplicating these experiences across other cities and countries.

The Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), located in Lagos, Nigeria, hosted a three-part mission in 2019 that involved the Worship is W.I.D.E tribe. The mission involved prayer, worship, and financial interventions totaling over N500,000 for patients.


David Nkennor founded Worship is W.I.D.E. and is currently leading a growing network of volunteers and partners—referred to as the tribe—to accomplish the ministry’s objectives.

As we change the world, one project at a time, we cordially invite you to accompany us.

Concerning David

Creator and Leader of Worship is W.I.D.E.

David Nkennor is a gifted worship leader and songwriter with a distinct anointing for his craft. He has collaborated with many A-list Nigerian gospel musicians during his nearly two decades of active participation in the gospel music field.

His music has blessed many churches, both domestically and abroad. Songs like Without Restriction, Blessings & Honour, Oh My God, You Are Good, and several others are among his repertoire. The highly respected book THE MUSIC CODE OF GOD, which explains the history, goals, and regulations of the music ministry, was written by him.

He is well-known for organizing and putting on fantastic concerts, and he has spoken and performed at numerous Christian gatherings throughout Nigeria.


David, a University of Lagos mathematics graduate with education training, loves to write, travel, teach, think creatively, and solve issues.

He established the ministry WORSHIP IS W.I.D.E. (an acronym for What I Do Everytime) in 2008, and it is devoted to the Worship and Works of Jesus via music, performances, and seminars. It includes two live albums titled “WORSHIP IS W.I.D.E 1 & 2,” which were recorded in 2008 and 2014, respectively, and many songs.

He was involved in the production of a Christian TV station and served as a pastor in his local church until he completely accepted his current duty.

Every year, David hosts a lot of events, such as THE MORNING DEW, a weekly online worship service. He is blissfully wed to Ugochi, and the two of them have two lovely kids.

Minister David Nkennor’s Songs & Musical Releases

Following are the sounds that Minister David Nkennor has made available to the body of Christ.

  • You are Good

David Nkennor, the minister, uses social media frequently. He may be reached on his official Facebook, Instagram, and X accounts.


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