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Biography of Pastor Dr. Daniel Olawande


Biography of Pastor Dr. Daniel Olawande

Biography of Pastor Dr. Daniel Olawande

Pastor Daniel Olawande Biography

Pastor Dr. Daniel Olawande, affectionately known as “P. Daniel,” is the lead pastor of the RCCG Living Seed Church in Ikorodu’s afternoon service and an ordained minister in the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG).
He was born on August 8, 1991, into a family of pastors in Ekiti State, Nigeria. His parents are Pastor and Pastor Mrs. Olawande. His mission is to build a flaming generation and put men on fire for God in all areas of influence. He is a dynamic and inspirational preacher of God’s word. His popularity has surpassed that of his local church since he is a highly sought-after speaker at conferences, conventions, and churches across the globe.

Pastor Daniel Olawande is the National Youth President of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, in addition to his role as Youth Evangelist for the RCCG. In addition to being the National Representative for Region 26 Ikorodu Lagos, for the Pastor’s Seed Family (PSF), he is also the National Executive of the National Youth Representative Council (NYRC). In addition, he serves as the director of the Flaming Network and the president of Inspired Team International. He has previously held the positions of President of the Redeemed Christian Fellowship (RCF) at the Adeyemi College of Education (ACE) in Ondo State and The Redeemed Christian Corpers Fellowship (RCCF), Lagos State Chapter.

The Holy Spirit has used the multi-talented, seasoned, revolutionary leader of the twenty-first century to magnify His revival mandate through a number of annual activities that are featured both inside and outside of Nigeria. He leads a 12-hour nonstop prayer session in the Holy Ghost once a month, which has drawn hundreds of hungry and motivated people for monthly revival prayers.


P. Daniel is well-known for his catchphrase, “Fire in my Bones,” which has inspired his passion to see young men burn for God. He is cautious to comprehend God’s interest in preparing men before sending them, and he hosts the annual Awakening the Giants within conference for campuses, the Soul Winners conference, and the Young Ministers Retreat (YMR), which draws participants from various denominations both inside and outside of Nigeria. In addition to being the organizer of the Youth Aflame Conference, he is also called to raise a burning generation.

P. Daniel completed his master’s degree in educational psychology from the esteemed University of Lagos on July 8, 2021. He is a graduate of the Daystar Leadership Academy Lagos, having completed both the Basic and Advance courses there. He also holds a postgraduate diploma in Theology from the Redeemed Christian Bible College. In spite of his itinerary and schedule, he has also given hints that he plans to pursue a PhD shortly. Currently, he is recognized for his contributions to youth development, talent development, and empowerment with an honorary doctorate from the IRGIB Africa University in the Republic of Benin. He works for the Federal Road Safety Commission as a Special Marshal as well.


His mission to bring spiritual awakening and revival to other countries is being carried out through a number of platforms, such as the weekly Dove TV program Fire In My Bones and The Young Ministers Retreat (YMR), a 72-hour retreat for young ministers and believers that has as its goal the upbringing of a burning generation that will become ambassadors for the kingdom in all areas of human endeavor. The esteemed IRGIB-AFRICA University in the Republic of Benin granted Dr. Daniel Olawande an Honorary Doctorate Degree as Doctor of Leadership and Management in appreciation of his exceptional contributions to youth development, talent management, and youth empowerment. He is a Federal Road Safety Corps Special Marshal and was named one of Nigeria’s 100 Guardians of Faith in 2020 (FRSC).

With deliberate demands for power and influence in the marketplace, Daniel Olawande is an alumnus of the Texas Bible Institute in the United States and holds the following degrees: Bachelor of Science in Biology Education, Master of Science in Educational Psychology, Post Graduate Diploma in Theology, Basic and Advance courses at Daystar Leadership Academy, Public Speaking Masterclass, Market Place Readiness Program, and Creative Intelligence Certification Course from the World Creativity and Intelligence Team at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, USA. Daniel Olawande is presently the founder and principal of two organizations: The Purpose Discovery Nation, an online learning platform that helps people discover, develop, and implement their purposes, and Flaming College, a mentorship program that raises, builds, and equips people for all-around effectiveness. He is an actor, author, and musician who has written multiple best-selling and revolutionary books, including Burden Capsules and Fire Tonic, among several others. He is also a pastor and composer who released his debut album, The Outpouring.

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Pastor Daniel Olawande is a worshipper, actor, and writer who has been given various worship songs to sing as choruses by people, churches, and religious organizations through revelation. Since May 5, 2018, Pastor Daniel Olawande has been blissfully married to his lover, Pastor Mrs. Oluwanifemi Daniel-Olawande. Together, they have been blessed with two stunning daughters, Zoe and Zion Flaming Olawande.

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Pastor Daniel Olawande’s Books

Pastor Daniel Olawande is a well-known author who has penned the following books:

  • Staying Hot: Maintaining The Fire On Your Altar
  • Addiction: How To End The Bad and Start The Good
  • Burden Capsules: A 31 Day Manual To Stir Up The Hearts of Believers In Pursuit of God
  • How To Pray and Study Consistently
  • Fire Tonic: A 31 Day Manual of Daily Dose of Fire Tonic
  • A-Z of Fire
  • Wisdom Ways: 250 Transforming Quotes For Success In Life, Business and Ministry

Pastor Daniel Olawande’s Songs

Pastor Daniel Olawande is a gospel musician and music preacher. He has recorded the following:

  • Iferepo (Featuring Pastor Mrs Olawande)
  • Mapariwo si Eledumare
  • Owo Oluwa

Daniel Olawande, the pastor, uses social media frequently. Via his official accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and X, you may get in touch with him.


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