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Biography of Pastor Lazarus Muoka

Pastor Lazarus Muoka

Biography of Pastor Lazarus Muoka

Biography of Pastor Lazarus Muoka

Pastor Lazarus Muoka Biography

Pastor Lazarus Muoka Biography – Nigerian pastor, author, and general overseer of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement, Pastor Lazarus Muoka, was started in Ilasamaja from modest beginnings and has expanded with God’s assistance.

In Umuhu-Okabia, Orsu LGA, Orlu zone, Imo State, Pastor Lazarus Muoka was born into a Catholic family. He completed his elementary and secondary schooling there. He relocated to Lagos in 1975, where he worked for a while for a company before launching his venture, which he continued to run until he fully committed his life to Christ.

Muoka has amassed enormous money and influence. Thousands of worshippers swarm the center every Sunday, and even more so when special events the church hosts during the week. The majority of the people in his congregation are low- to middle-class earners, who proudly don yellow luminous jackets bearing the name of the Lord, His chosen one.

Lazarus Muoka stated that in 1994, he received numerous dreams from God that led him to leave the church where he was a pastor and find his own. His vision of “preaching the undiluted word of God” led him to establish The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement shortly after he left. The church, which began with a small number of pioneer members, has grown to rank among Nigeria’s most well-known.

The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement is led by Pastor Lazarus Muoka, who also serves as its general overseer. Before that, the Imo State native, born Etiti-Okabi, spent his whole life in Lagos, where he worked for a number of enterprises, including China Cable, Ikeja, and Niger Chin. Later, to start his ministry, he resigned from both the firms and his previous ministry, the Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement (WCCRM). At a press conference held recently to commemorate the church’s 20th anniversary, he addressed reporters.

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“On December 24, 2002, The Lord’s Chosen was founded with a mandate of 10 billion souls.

Regarding the growth of the church, we were at Ilasamaja with a few people. We were given the name The Lord’s Chosen Revival Ministry at that point. The people kept coming in their thousands because of what they observed when the ministry first opened. There was a point when there was nowhere for them to stay because everyone had taken over the entire space. We were being fought for simply making noise. However, several opened their gates to allow people to stay and worship inside their complexes when they were unable to control the multitude. Someone had informed us that the multitude may be kept in a location at Ijesha. That’s how we arrived, and we noticed that when we came to discuss, someone had begun to pour sand here. At that point, we purchased eight land parcels and began construction.

August 2003 saw us gather for worship at Ijesha in a space we felt was too large. However, the street was overrun with people. The congregation grew to the Express Road before you knew it. God mentioned the land to me one day. We had an individual who held a significant portion of the estate. Everybody who had land plots there for sale sold them to us until we found the owner and purchased the property. We constructed roughly 22 halls, each of which held two plots of land. We went inside. We overcame a few obstacles inside the compound. The lack of adequate drainage made things difficult because it frequently flooded.

The Lord’s Chosen Church is still growing today, having already established itself throughout all of Nigeria’s states as well as in Austria, America, Asia, North America, and South America. Over 100 countries are home to us. We are currently on four different continents. Any development or expansion that has occurred in the ministry is entirely the work of God. I wear this apron that says, “Only God can do this,” for that reason. Only God could have accomplished it. This is a result of the difficulties we initially faced. The devil would send his emissaries to obstruct God’s work when it was underway.

One of the difficulties arose when someone stepped forward and claimed to have given the church money to build this location. Nothing like it existed. This is a result of everything being documented. And he was taken aback when it was presented to him. We preached the gospel everywhere we went, despite the obstacles. It is worthwhile to celebrate turning 20 years old because, in retrospect, we may claim that God has been dependable. He is the one who brought us to the world’s attention and established us. When we first began, a lot of people mocked us and said that this ministry would not continue longer than three months.

Many negative things were said about us. However, they were unaware that God, not man, was the one behind this endeavor. There have been numerous testimonies given since the ministry’s founding. People with horrible lifestyles have been touched by him here, and they have been given new life. I refer to seasoned robbers with guns, whores, and herbalists. However, if those criminal elements had not been converted, I don’t know what would have happened to Nigeria, the United States, and the entire world, not to mention this church. Additionally, God treated several illnesses and diseases through the church. We are rejoicing in what the Lord has accomplished. People should be aware that humans did not originate on the moon but rather somewhere.

I received visions of the future before the ministry materialized. There were numerous battles with numerous persons in the dream, according to one of the revelations. I was unaware of their identities. A lion even approached and attacked me. The lion was killed by me. I told the pastor whose ministry I was serving under at the time about these things when they came to pass. I was given Isaiah chapter 60 by the Lord. I was hearing a voice tell me what God was going to do with me before this verse. I told them it wasn’t me, and I rejected it. Reinhard Bonnke gave me the platform to pray for the crowd during one of his crusades. At that point, he claimed to have seen me leading one of Africa’s largest ministries.”

The Holy Spirit has prompted The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Church, a Christian revival ministry, to share the good news of salvation with all kings and their subjects, masters and their servants, and rulers and those who are ruled worldwide.

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The church was established on December 23, 2002, at its original location of No. 16 Odunaike Street, Ilasamaja Area of Lagos, Nigeria, as a result of the founder, Pastor Lazarus Muoka’s divine call from God. Muoka then called together hundreds of brethren and shared with them the great calling of God upon his life.

Publications & Books Written by Pastor Lazarus Muoka
In addition to being a pastor, Lazarus is a well-known writer of Christian diaries and novels. Among his few published works are:

  • How God Called Me
  • Mark My Words (Vols. 1 and 2)
  • And Ye Shall Receive Power
  • Ye Must Be Born Again
  • Christianity: A Better and Pure Religion
  • Signs and Wonders of the Age (Vols. 1 and 2)
  • The Favoured Woman by Mummy Joy N. Muoka – his wife
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On social media, Pastor Lazarus Muoka is not active.


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