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Books On Biblical Justice [PDF Download]

Biblical Justice

Books On Biblical Justice [PDF Download]

Books On Biblical Justice [PDF Download]

Books On Biblical Justice PDF. Biblical justice is not first and foremost a list of points or a system of regulations; rather, it is the manifestation of God’s character, which is always just. Herman Bavinck contends in his magisterial work on God’s attributes that God’s justice is both retributive and reparative in the Bible, punishing evildoing and restoring those who have suffered injustice. Interestingly, though, “God’s remunerative [restorative] justice is far more prominent in Scripture than his retributive justice.” God opposes “perverting the justice due the poor… slaying the innocent and righteous… accepting bribes.. oppressing the alien, the widow, and the orphan.”

God elevates them to a place of dignity and prosperity. When one approaches justice with consideration for the poor, grace and mercy are also manifested. Therefore, God’s restorative justice “is closely akin to and synonymous with his steadfast love, rather than being opposed to it like his anger is.” His righteousness and his grace are both revealed at the same time.

The Books on Biblical Justice PDF Free Download gathered here will teach you about Biblical Justice. Take time to read, study, and learn.

Below are the lists of Books on Biblical Justice PDF:

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Confronting Injustice Without Compromising (Truth 12 Questions Christians Should Ask About Social Justice) – Thaddeus J. Williams

Discovering Biblical Equality (Biblical, Theological, Cultural, and Practical Perspectives) – Ronald W. Pierce, Cynthia Long Westfall

Just Discipleship (Biblical Justice in An Unjust World) – Michael J. Rhodes

The Justice Project – Brian McLaren

Think Biblically (Recovering A Christian Worldview) – John MacArthur


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