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Download Apostle Joshua Selman 2018 External Ministration

Download Apostle Joshua Selman 2018 External Ministration

Download Apostle Joshua Selman 2018 External Ministration

Messages by Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak available for download. He is an anointed minister and teacher of the word of God. He is the leader of Eternity Network Network (ENI) and convener of Koinonia.

Koinonia is a weekly apostolic, evangelistic and prophetic gathering where passionate believers from near and wide come to experience the true atmosphere of worship, the word, and love. It was founded in March 2011 and it has become a place where believers experience true intimacy with the Holy Spirit and are impacted to be ambassadors of Christ.

It is the gathering together of the end-time army of Spirit-filled, kingdom-minded, thoroughly trained believers with hearts to see God’s kingdom come and become an envoy of change wherever they found themselves.

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The meeting is organized by Eternity Network International (E.N.I), an apostolic ministry pledged at replicating the fullness of the life of God on earth.

The ministry is based in Zaria.

Download Apostle Joshua Selman Message 2018

God’s End-Time Agenda Plan – Abeokuta Believers’ Meeting 2018

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Young And Yielded 2018 Faith (Impartation Service)

Young And Yielded 2018 Manifold Grace

Young And Yielded 2018 Mysteries Of The Kingdom

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Young And Yielded 2018 Mysteries Of An Encounter

Grace Multiplication (Great Grace)

Laws Of Favour – Keys To Activate Favour (Great Grace)

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NCCF Lagos Mysteries Of The Kingdom Day 2

Power Of Conviction (Great Grace)

Power Of Preparation (HOTR Minna 2018)

Prophetic Power Night – GSC 2018 The Old Rugged Cross

The Price For The Anointing – GSC 2018 The Old Rugged Cross

Law Of An Encounter – Winepress 2018

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Open Heavens Day 1- MEDILAG

Open Heavens Day 2 – MEDILAG

Word Of God At Fathers Delight

Unity Of The Faith DMI 2016

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Total Experience Day 2 – Household Of David

Total Experience Day 1 – Household Of David

The Power Of Perception Part 2

The Price For Revival 1 – NCCF Akwa Ibom

Four Dimensions Of Encounter – NCCF Akwa Ibom

Discerning The Lord’s Body

Secrets Of Sustained Power

The Coming Revival

The Church Without Walls

School Of Ministry

Glorious Army

The Mystery Of Babylon

The Lampstand – Asaba Apostolic Invasion Day 1

The Lampstand 2 – Asaba Apostolic Invasion Day 2

Dominion Systems – HOTR Zamfara 2018

Covenant Of Sacrifice – LASU

The Price For Revival – LASU Day 2

Miracle Service – HOTR Zamfara

Impartation Immersion And Stirring


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