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E.W. Kenyon Biography, Ministry & Lessons from his Life


E.W. Kenyon Biography, Ministry & Lessons from his Life

E.W. Kenyon Biography, Ministry & Lessons from his Life

E.W. Kenyon Biography


E.W. Kenyon Biography – Essek Willian Kenyon was born on April 25, 1867. He grew up with not much education due to his poor family background and he was converted to a Methodist prayer meeting at the age of 17. His divine mantle as an evangelist was evident by his passion for soul winning.

Though he grew with little education, he vowed to be an educator. Early struggles as a new convert because of lack of necessary foundation makes Kenyon left the faith for two and a half years but returned back in 1893.


During his time in the darkness and having what looked like a relationship/fellowship that will not improve with the Lord, he met Evva Spurling, and the two married on May 8, 1893.

It was during a service attended by the two couple at the Clarendon Street Baptist Church, Boston, that they rededicated their lives forever to the Lord.

The church was Pastored then by the respected Bible teacher A.J Gordon. 1914 was a year Evva Kenyon went to be with the Lord and Kenyon later married Alice M. Whitney and was blessed with a son and a daughter.


He was an Evangelist, Pastor, and founder and president of Bethel Bible Institution, Spencer, Massachusetts.

Though started as a church member in his early twenties, he later preached his first sermon at the Methodist Church of Amsterdam, New York, and later served as a Deacon there.

His early desire was to be an actor; he earned a living as a piano and organ salesperson. Kenyon attended the Emerson School of Oratory in Boston for a year in 1892 studying acting in other to refine his skills.

Late in the year 1893, he joined the Freewill Baptist and became a pastor at a small church in Elmira, New York

His desire to pattern his ministry to what he had seen George Muller modeled by trusting God completely for everything makes him leave the denomination and started independent work.

Opening a Bible School was a result of young men coming to him to be trained and based on his own bitter experience as a new convert.

People fall away because of a lack of proper grounding. He opened the Bible School and it was the place of the Word and the Work of faith.

Students were not paying tuition fees and teachers were not receiving salaries. Well-grounded teachers left their good positions and joined the Bible School to impact and mentor the students.

Everything was done by prayer only. Missionaries were trained and sent all over the world.

Kenyon relocated to Southern California. He preached for many ministers and was well received in the area. One of the many outstanding things about Kenyon is the miracle healings while he preached.

He pastored a church in Los Angeles that grew to about a thousand congregations. By this time, he had a monthly publication and two books in print.

Kenyon moved again to Northwest, settled in Seattle. He resumed radio ministry which he started in Los Angeles and met appreciative audiences for his teachings.

Though it started as a public meeting later turned into a church. New Covenant Baptist Church Seattle Bible Institute and The Healing of Life Publication were in full operation.


He had a flourished writing ministry. His first two books were revised and many others were published.

If you haven’t read any of his writings, you can feast on any of the following as they are edifying books that continue to refresh, encourage and illuminate the readers, challenging them to possess all that is in Christ Jesus.

E.W. Kenyon Biography will not be complete without these great works.

Some of them are:

  • The Father and His Family; The Story of Man’s Redemption
  • Jesus the Healer
  • New Kind of Love
  • Kenyon’s Living Poems
  • The Wonderful Name of Jesus
  • The Two Kinds of Faith
  • The Two Kinds of Life
  • Personal Evangelism Course

You can also Download E. W. Kenyon PDF Books

Quote by him

Faith talks in the language of God, doubt talks in the language of man.


E.W. Kenyon Biography shows that new converts should not be left alone to grow.

Kenyon’s life as a case study, if it was impossible for him to come back, then that was how the body would have missed this great dimension.

But thank God that he returned back to make a great dimension to the body. We must learn to follow up for new converts and make sure their feet are grounded (Ecc 4 vs 11).

They may be the next Hagin or Kenyon.


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