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E. W. Kenyon Biography, Ministry & Lessons From His Life

E. W. Kenyon Biography

E. W. Kenyon Biography, Ministry & Lessons From His Life

E. W. Kenyon Biography, Ministry & Lessons From His Life

E. W. Kenyon Biography – Essek William Kenyon was born on April 25, 1867, and went to be with the Lord in 1948. Kenyon was a pastor of the New Covenant Church and originator and president of Bethel Bible Institute in Spencer, Massachusetts.


He was born in Hadley, New York and at the very tender age of 17, he became a Christian convert in a Methodist prayer meeting. Kenyon started as a church member when he was in his twenties and preached his first sermon at the Methodist Church of Amsterdam, New York. He served as a deacon in the ministry.

Kenyon left the faith for the period of two and half years before returning in the year 1893 and never to look back again.

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When he was young, he desired to be an actor but he lived off selling piano and organ. To advance his skills in acting, Kenyon attended the Emerson School of Orator in Boston for a year in 1892.

He attended the services held by pastor Adoniram Judson (A.J.) Gordon of Clarendon Street Baptist Church where he and his wife rededicated their lives to Christ.

Shortly after, he joined the Free Will Baptists and became a pastor at a small parish in Elmira, New York. Bethel Bible Institute was founded in the year 1898 by him in Spencer, Massachusetts and it remained in running till 1923. He remained the president for 25 years.

The institute was later moved to Providence, Rhode Island, and was named Providence Bible Institute. It later became Barrington College and unite with Gordon College and is presently known as Gordon College. Named after one of his mentors.



Kenyon’s first marriage was with Evva Spurling. They got married on May 8, 1893, and in the year 1914, Evva Kenyon went to be with the Lord. Afterward, Kenyon married Alice M. Whitney and the couple had a son and a daughter.


Kenyon went to be with the Lord in 1948 and his daughter Ruth continued his publishing ministry.

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some of the works by Kenyon include:

  • The Father and His Family: The Story of Man’s Redemption
  • The Wonderful Name of Jesus
  • Kenyon’s Living Poems
  • Signposts on the Road to Success
  • The Two Kinds of Knowledge
  • Jesus the Healer
  • Identification: A Romance in Redemption
  • New Kind of Love
  • The Two Kinds of Faith
  • The Two Kinds of Righteousness
  • The Two Kinds of Life
  • In His Presence: The Secret of Prayer
  • New Creation Realities
  • What Happened: From the Cross to the Throne
  • The Blood Covenant
  • The Hidden Man: The New Self: An Unveiling of the Unconscious Mind
  • Basic Bible Course: The Bible in the Light of our Redemption
  • Advanced Bible Course: Studies in the Deeper Life
  • Personal Evangelism Course
  • What We are in Christ – Compiled and Edited by Joe McIntyre
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  • A New Type of Christianity(CrossReach Publications, 2016)
  • Claiming Our Rights(CrossReach Publications, 2015)


He received many criticisms for his positive confession from the ground of the Holiness Movement and Faith Cure. He stood with what the ministry was about without swaying.

Stay with the vision God gave you and not submit to the critics. Shalom!


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