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Frenemy – Desam

Frenemy - Desam

Frenemy – Desam

Innovative Gospel Soul singer-songwriter Desam, who dazzles audiences with an unprecedented range influenced by jazz, R&B, soul, funk, blues, and gospel upbringing, has penned down yet another powerful single titled “Frenemy”.

 In these days where distrust metamorphosizes to hate and those we genuinely love misrepresent us regardless of what we share.

 The song “Frenemy” will instruct on how and who to entrust our confidential issues with, and it will guide us on how to be careful with information sharing.

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Lyrics: Frenemy By Desam

My name is Desam
I just wanna tell you a life story,
you have to choose who you call your friends and brothers, Sisters.

Verse 1:
If I told you my problems, that means I trust you.
And you heard me
now you use it against me.
What are we friends for?
Little Misunderstanding.
And you went out to tell everyone.

You got to choose who you call your friend
you got to choose who you call your brothers and sisters.
You got to choose who you tell your problems to,
Choose who you call your friend.

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Verse 2:

I took you like a brother ,
And I took you like a sister,
Little Misunderstanding
You went out all,
To tell everyone,
All the things we had together,
You forgot about everything.

Repeat Chorus

It doesn’t matter how the society sees you,
just know that the rain falls on everyone’s roof.

Chorus 2:
Choose to be happy (3x)
Choose who you call your friend.


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