Home Lyrics By Kim Burrell

Home Lyrics By Kim Burrell

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Kim Burrell Lyrics

Home Lyrics By Kim Burrell

Oh, I hear You speaking, I will obey
Speak to me, I will hear You
I want to walk upright in Your eyesight
When I pray I pray, ooh Lord, I want You to hear me
So wash me clean, make me holy
I want to make it home

When I get home
When I get home what a glorious day
I’ll know then that I have live right
Gave that old devil a fight I won
He’s a liar, I’ve got the victory
Over two thousand years ago

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He died and He gave the victory, yes
Oh, the devil is defeated
And now I’m going (home), gotta see Jesus (home)
I’ve gotta make it there, I’m on my way home
Ive got the victory, yes

When He gave His life He gave me the victory
Now that the devil is defeated
I’m going (home), I’ve gotta make it (home)
I’ve gotta see Jesus, I don’t know about you
But I can’t wait to go
When I die I’m going to a better place prepared just for me
He told me He was going away
I’ll prepared a mansion for you
That’s where I am
I got a new home, a new Jerusalem
That’s what I’m talking about y’all
I’ve got a new home, a new Jerusalem
There are three gates in the East
There are three gates in the West
Three gates in the North
Three more gates in the South
I’m going to heaven y’all
I’m gonna see Jesus
The one that died for me
Oh Jesus, my sweet Jesus
I’m going home
I gotta see Him
I can’t wait to get there
I’ve waited so long to see the Lord
I’m going home
When I see him I’ll say “Ooh”
I’ll say “Oh, Jesus”
I can’t wait
I’ll just say “Yes, oh yes, I’ve made it to You, Lord”
Oh yes, I’ve made it
I’ve reached my goal
I’ve lived right to see You
I’ve held on to the faith

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