Michael W. Smith Lyrics

Michael W. Smith Songs Lyrics

Michael W. Smith Lyrics

Michael W. Smith Lyrics

Check out this fantastic song Lyrics for Michael W. Smith Lyrics. It contains lyrics from all his albums. Read and enjoy the Lyrics to Michael W. Smith Songs Lyrics.

Michael W. Smith Lyrics

Album: “Project” (1983)

Album: “2” (1984)
Album: “The Big Picture” (1986)
Album: “i 2 (EYE)” (1988)
Album: “Christmas” (1989)
Album: “Go West Young Man” (1990)
Album: “Change Your World” (1992)
Album: “I’ll Lead You Home” (1995)
album: “Live The Life” (1998)
album: “Christmastime” (1998)
album: “This Is Your Time” (1999)
live album: “Worship” (2001)
live album: “Worship Again” (2002)
album: “Healing Rain” (2004)
album: “Stand” (2006)
live album: “A New Hallelujah” (2008)

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