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[Muisc + Lyrics] Broken – Glorified

[Muisc + Lyrics] Broken - Glorified

[Muisc + Lyrics] Broken – Glorified

MP3 download by the amazing Christian artist Glorified titled “Broken“. It is a prayer song, a consecration song that depicts a state of the heart that God will not despise. We all must come to the Lord just as we are because in that state of brokenness is where we can be healed.

“The most important thing is that we have a Father, who will accept our frailty and strengthen us to become his own. His hands are not too short to pick us up. All He seeks is that you come unto him and when you come, you will find rest.

“In this world of complete depravity, there’s no better way to come to the father other than being broken. “Today, the most irresistible prayer is one that comes deep down from a penitent offender seeking pardon and reconciliation from God. (Pastor W.F. Kumuyi)” – Glorified.

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Lyrics: Broken By Glorified

Verse 1:
I am broken into pieces left with nothing else
Oh God, hear my call and I know that I’ll be needing you everyday oh God, raise me up
I have gone far and near, left and right and all
In search for all the help from where it couldn’t come
I lift my eyes to God most high rely on Christ for grace and strength he’s my all and I say

Ahhh ahh ahh Lord Jehovah ah ah ah

Verse 2:
Ebube dike eee (mighty God) – igbo
Osenobula aaa (God) esan
Odenotujua aaa (The Opened door) – esan
Wè osè ni mè tiè (you are the God I call upon) – esan
Here’s the cry from my Spirit put your spirit in my heart
I have a broken Spirit and a contrite heart
Take my moment and my days let them flow in ceaseless praise

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Ahh Ahhh ahh Lord Jehovah

I have tried doing stuff on my own and I land on the bed of sorrow no one could pull me out
Now I lay myself before you break the chains and make me brand new
There’s nothing more than for you to come
Without you without you o Lord without you
Without you I’ll be dead o God without you

Part 1: into my heart Lord come jesus Christ come in and make me yours
Into my heart Lord come jesus Christ come in and make me pure aaaaa

Part 2: Ahhh Ahhh Ahhh Lord Jehovah Ahhh Ahhh

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Part 3: come Jehovah come come Jesus Christ come, come Jehovah come come aaa

Lead: without you without you o God
I’ll be living in the grave without you without you I’ll be dead so dead
Come Jehovah come come Jesus Christ come
Into my heart Lord come come in and make me yours
Come Jehovah come come Jesus Christ come into my heart Lord come
I’m an empty shell without you
You are the air I need to breathe
You are the life I need to live
A broken heart you won’t despise o come

Into my heart into my heart come into my heart Lord Jesus come in today come in to stay come into my heart Lord Jesus.

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