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[Music + Lyrics] He Is Changing Me – Blessing Airhihen

[Music + Lyrics] He Is Changing Me - Blessing Airhihen

[Music + Lyrics] He Is Changing Me – Blessing Airhihen

MP3 download by the Nigerian Christian artist Blessing Airhihen titled “He Is Changing Me“.

“All over the world, there is a cry for change. People desire things to happen, communities, nations all calling for change.

“2 Corinthians 3 vs 18 tells us change comes by the Word of God. As we look, study the Word we are changed. The Word is like a mirror, we look into it and see the image of Jesus.

“The more we look, we become like Him. He transforms us. We need to go back to studying the Bible, there is glory in it, it is potent and can change. Then we become a living proof, a letter of Christ to the world that the WORD works!” – Blessing Airhihen

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Lyrics: He Is Changing Me By Blessing Airhihen

Verse 1:

I may not be the best of what I am

I may have tried so many times and failed most of the times

People may have given up and see nothing good in me

I may have been despised and left off for dead

And it seems my change will never come

And it seems the word has lost its power

I’ve made up my mind I will never give up


He is changing me

He’s transforming me

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I,m conforming to his image, as I look into his word

He’s beautifying me, purifying me

Day by day from glory to glory

To a vessel of honour for him

Verse 2:

He who began a good work in me

Will perform it till the end

I,m the apple of his eyes

Purchased by his blood

When he’s through with me

Every eye will behold

The beauty and the glorious wonder of his grace

And my life will be a living proof of the power of his unchanging word

My mouth shall be filled with testimonies.

Stay Safe!!!


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