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[Music + Lyrics] Oghene Ose Woruno – Celiono (MP3 Download)

[Music + Lyrics] Oghene Ose Woruno – Celiono (MP3 Download)

[Music + Lyrics] Oghene Ose Woruno – Celiono (MP3 Download)

MP3 download by the Nigerian Christian artist Celiono titled “Oghene Ose Woruno”. This is the follow up to her December 2019 release.

Download, listen and be blessed:



Lyrics: Oghene Ose Woruno By Celiono

Ki die me wo kpevwo ghene
(What can use to thank God)
Oghene Ose Woruno
(My God you’ve done so much )2*. (Chorus)

Verse 1
Heavenly Father I’ve come praise ur name
For love for me and your mercy too
Words are not enough to express to you
My gratitude and my gratefuness
doh doh oghene miyeruvwe doh doh
(Doh doh God I greet you doh)

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Verse 2
When the going gets tough lord see me through
Even when I fail your mercy stays
There were times when There was no way out
You made a way when I cried to you
Doh doh doh doh
Oghene miyeruvwe doh doh
(God I greet you doh)


Ki die
Ki die
me wo kpevwo ghene
(..can I use to thank God..)
Ose Obo wo ruru akpome
(..My father for all you have done in my life)



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