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Muslim Father ‘Ready to Go to Jail’ Over Christian Daughter’s Conversion

Muslim Father ‘Ready to Go to Jail’ Over Christian Daughter’s Conversion

Muslim Father ‘Ready to Go to Jail’ Over Christian Daughter’s Conversion

An 18-year-old teen who regenerates to Christianity from Islam is on the run in the Republic of Ghana as a result of, she says, her Muslim father is threatening to kill her.

Mariam Seidu has been out of sight since March when her father employed youth to attack her at her church, in step with Peace FM, a news web site in the Republic of Ghana. She survived, however, remains in concern for her life.

“My father said owing to the church he can disinherit me. He told me if I still attend the church, he can bring cutlass [a short sword] to the church and are available and butcher me,” she told Peace FM.

The father, Abubakar Seidu, acknowledged attempting to induce her to come back home however denied threatening to kill her. However, he said if she remains a Christian, he can disinherit her.

“She can’t live below my benevolence as a father and go against my orders and beliefs,” he told Peace FM. “She has turned eighteen therefore she feels and thinks she will be able to take her own call, right? She ought to plow ahead, however, I’ll ne’er enable her below my roof if she sticks to her new religion. If she insists then we have to go our separate ways.”

Mariam credits her Christian religion for saving her from a lifetime of immorality.

“At first, I used to be a stubborn lady,” she said. “I used to leave with my friends, I used to club, I used to take hookah [smoke], I used to take alcohol… however, I had a disciple.”

That friend, she said, was a Christian who would visit her alongside an evangelism team. Once she saw them coming back, she would run. She didn’t wish the gospel.

But what modified once she fell sick, Peace FM reported. She set to attend church together with her friend.

“When we went he prayed on behalf of me and after I came home I used to be feeling well,” Seidu same.

Islam, she said, wasn’t meeting her religious wants. She doesn’t wish to come back.

“I can’t simply be there like that,” she said of Muslim prayers.

Her father, though, says he’s “ready to go to jail” to bring her back to Islam.

“I solely tried to place the concern of God in her after I am vulnerable to go to jail owing to her call,” he said.


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