Our Daily Diet With Jesufemi O. Opadiran


Our Daily Diet With Jesufemi O. Opadiran

Our Daily Diet With Jesufemi O. Opadiran

Topic: Focus On Your Goal!!!

Daily Diet – A comprehensive understanding of your goal is what provides you insight into reality.

Hear me; you can only fulfill purpose and destiny in life when realistic goals are in place.

When you focus on the goals you have set for yourself, you won’t have issues of confusion and disorderliness.

Whatever your goals might be, if adequate attention and concentration aren’t given to it, it will remain a mirage.

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Most of the great people we see today and sometimes envy didn’t just come to limelight, it was as a result of the focus they give to their goals when they were nothing.

For you to move from nothing to something, you must deliberately focus on your goals.

It will help you in your decision-making process and of course, gives you the right mental shift and direction for where you are going.

A few days ago, I was privileged to speak as a guest speaker to a set of entrepreneurs on the topic captioned, ‘The Viability of Setting Goals (Reality Not Motivated)’.

In that meeting, I told them that setting goals is not enough, what’s more important is aligning their goals with their purpose.

When goals are in tangent with purpose, the individual will not only scale up fast but he will not lack the right tools to use especially when the storms of life rage.

Focusing on your goals, therefore, remain an integral part of your journey in life, if properly internalized, everything will definitely fall in their rightful positions.

Ponder Point: People who focus on their goals can’t be found living or operating a planless business or ministry.

Make a wise decision from today to focus on your goals. You will eventually live to celebrate it.


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