Our Daily Diet With Jesufemi O. Opadiran

Our Daily Diet With Jesufemi O. Opadiran

Our Daily Diet With Jesufemi O. Opadiran

Topic: You Are Sufficient!!!

Daily Diet – What you think, reflect and visualize is what you eventually become.

You are a product of your thought, and many times, the result of your thought, reasoning, and imagination is what you see at work in your life and journey.

If you believe and have the confidence that you are more than sufficient to pull down every stronghold, it will definitely play out one way or the other.

From my short little journey and experience, I discovered that most humans are shortsighted, and this has truly made many persons achieve very little, remain in their feeble position and then, keep patching life year in, year out.

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Hear me; being sufficient comes with several meanings and interpretations, and truth is, there is no insufficiency in you, it is only your imagination that made you think so.

You have the power within you to stop every oppression that has been oppressing you, also, you have the power to wage war against every sickness and infirmity that has been debarring you from enjoying sound health.

If you don’t know you have the key to lock and unlock whatever you don’t want in your life, it is evidence that you are yet to ascertain the power you have within you.

As long as you don’t have an understanding that you are sufficient in yourself, the implication is that, where you are supposed to speak a word and believe it is done, you will end up spending money, when you pray, doubt will fill your heart because you are uncertain about the result you will get.

Stop limiting yourself, the Almighty God has bestowed upon you everything that’s required of you to live healthier and wealthier. If your case is different, kindly check yourself and correct everything that’s needed to be corrected.

Ponder Point: Acknowledge the fact that you are sufficient; sufficient to heal, deliver, break limitations, subdue sickness, poverty, mediocrity and all kinds of mountains.


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