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Being nice is the cheapest currency in the world, in other words, you pay absolutely nothing for being nice to people.

When you are nice to people, especially to people who come to buy from you, do one or two transactions with you, or visit you in your office, what you have done is that you have left a deposit of yourself in their heart.

The benefits or advantages that accompany being nice cannot be underestimated. Being nice can be likened to sowing a seed, by the time the harvest comes, the amazement will be unexplainable.

At the moment, where you are might be quite alright, almost everything you prayed for falls in place for you but you must always remember that you can be unseated anytime, I mean a time you least expect.

The people you dealt with then might eventually be your saving grace. Perhaps during your reign in that office, you were always harsh, you considered yourself as the alpha and omega of that place, by the time your time is up and you are left with nothing, that customer or maybe a junior colleague of yours that you have never been nice to might be the one to assist you to scale up again.

In whatever position or capacity we may be occupying, we should endeavor to tread softly, treat everyone as important, and never undermine the personality of anyone no matter what.

In my short little journey, I have garnered a number of experiences and I can categorically tell you that being nice pays. The reward for being nice might not come immediately but when it comes, you will honestly be grateful to yourself for being nice to people.

Being nice simply means treating people with honor and dignity, it means to make people special and valuable, it means to appreciate people for buying from you or doing business with you and it means leaving a befitting landmark in the heart of people by our character and behavior.

Let me share an experience that happened recently, a few weeks ago, thousands of bank staff were retrenched without any formal announcement to their workers.

Unfortunately, there is this loving and unique friend of mine who I respect and hold in high esteem, very hard working, workaholic and industrious, sadly; he was also affected.

When he broke the news to me, I felt really bad because I believe of all people, he should be the last person on their list judging from the fact that he is diligent and not just that; he also understood his onions.

Ten days after he lost his job, as God will have it, another opening was offered to him by one of the customers he served right when he was at his former place of work.

This man offered him the opportunity not because he was the only qualified person for the job or because he has all the requirements but because while he was serving at Eco bank, he was always being nice to this man.

His niceness was what helped him to secure another befitting job after ten days of being retrenched. I am sharing this experience with us because I want someone who has never being nice to people to turn a new leaf and start acting right.

You might not understand the implications of what you are doing now but as time goes on, you will understand better. I want to admonish you to please cease being rude to people and start exhibiting the best of niceness to them.

Don’t take anyone for granted, don’t looked down on anyone, don’t treat anyone like a piece of rag, and don’t undervalue anyone for whatever reason you might think is genuine.

Whatever we do to people is what they will use for or against us, therefore, by all means; be nice to people genuinely, have their interest at heart and you’ll be surprised that the same people will recommend you to other people you may not have dreamt of meeting in your lifetime.

Be nice today! Be nice tomorrow!! Be nice forever!!! Do you know why? It cost nothing for being nice, just be nice and you’ll never regret it.

Note, don’t frown when you see people, always try to put on a smile and welcome them with a warm reception.

#Be Nice!!!


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