Our Daily Diet With Jesufemi O. Opadiran

Our Daily Diet With Jesufemi O. Opadiran

Our Daily Diet With Jesufemi O. Opadiran

Topic: The Power of Relationship!!!

A relationship is an essential part of human growth and development.

And it is important to know that the power that comes with a relationship cannot be overemphasized.

The extent to which you can relate with people is the extent to which your journey in life will be fast-tracked.

If you undermine the power of a relationship, the likelihood that you’ll attain greatness in life is slim if not impossible.

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Please understand that relationship is an integral part of human existence, without it, stagnation will remain at its peak.

Most of the world’s richest, wealthiest and influential people we see around today took advantage of their relationship with others when they were nothing, and today, it is paving the way.

Hear me; most of the things we desire lie in the hand of someone, and if you cannot take that bold step to walk up to them, you’ll keep struggling till eternity.

There’s a reason the Almighty God created us en masse, and that’s why I am also an advocate of the group that outrightly believes that truly, we are a social animal. Please note, a relationship is synonymous with communalism.

I usually tell most of my close associates that collectivity is connectivity. Who you connect with is a direct determinant of where you will eventually end up.

If you decide to build synergy with people of no bearing and direction, you can judge what will definitely become of you.

In this world of reformation and transformation, I can assure you that if you choose your association wisely, you will automatically do the impossible.

Friend, take out some time to ask yourself some of these pertinent questions:

Can I actually succeed alone?

Do I possess the parameters for success?

Who are the people I can leverage upon in activating the success lying fallow within me?

Listen; regardless of what you know and the degree of wisdom you command, you still need people to soar.

In the words of the renowned President of Living Faith Church International, Bishop David Oyedepo, he said and I paraphrase, your success in life is determined by two things, the people you connect with and the books you read.

You cannot be an average thinker and expect to dine and wine with someone who has a global vision.

Relationship differs, you only attract your type most of the time. Therefore, for you to truly enjoy the power that comes with a relationship, here are a few things you must put in place.

First, be good with yourself.

Your goodness with yourself will determine the kind of temperament you possess and of course, magnetize the kind of people you desire.

Second, don’t be complacent.

People who are complacent get nowhere in life and in destiny, make sure you are flexible to learn, unlearn and relearn especially from others as you walk through the face of the earth.

Third, attend mind-blowing seminars and conferences.

In gatherings like this, you meet some other transformers and illuminators who are thinking just the same way you are thinking. Engage them, discuss with them and let them know how you can be of help and assistance to their vision and ministry.

Fourth, do something unusual.

Change your mindset, don’t follow the same trend others have been following, do something uncommon. Only uncommon people get uncommon results. If you must attract the right relationship, you must go outside the norm and set out for something far innovative.

Finally, trust God absolutely.

The Almighty God remains the best friend you can ever connect with. Every other friend can disappoint and let you down, but for Him, you are guaranteed an everlasting relationship.

In conclusion, when you leverage on the power of a relationship, you won’t have issues reflecting on what and how do I go about this because someone will surely be available to light up that dark path of yours.

Ponder Point: Your rising in life is a function of how best you can build relationships with others, start today.


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