Our Daily Diet With Jesufemi O. Opadiran

Our Daily Diet With Jesufemi O. Opadiran

Our Daily Diet With Jesufemi O. Opadiran

Topic: And God Said!!!

The promises of God are irreversible, once He speaks into your life and situation, considers it done.

In other words, whatever the Lord has said concerning you or your family, will surely come to manifestation.

It doesn’t matter if your sins are irredeemable or cannot be forgiven, in as much God has spoken, protocols will be broken concerning you.

As a matter of fact, I don’t think there is any sin that God cannot forgive, once you are ready to come boldly before the throne of grace, and truly or thoroughly prepared to confess and forsake them, He will definitely look down from heaven and release His mercy upon you.

For as many that are accustomed to the word of God, you will agree with me that the first word God spoke at creation is, let there be light and pronto, there was light.

Light is an essential weapon required to run the race of life successfully without failing, without light; our life will be directionless, visionless, and full of chaos, troubles, and turbulence.

Also, without light, the world will be full of wickedness, hatred, evil perpetrators, and all forms of unholy mission. The devil will be the ruler and controller of the whole universe.

It is the presence of light that has made the mission of the devil not to be as effective as it should be, light and darkness can be likened to a distance between two points, therefore; they cannot meet either can they co-exist.

The Almighty God otherwise known as the Master Builder understands the end from the beginning, He knows what should come first and what should come last.

It is the presence of His light that has made many of us not to fall by the wayside, this is evident in His Word, you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free and you shall be free indeed.

He also gave an affirmation when He said, ye are the light of the world. God’s love for mankind cannot be explained. For God to have pronounced us as the light of the world is an indication that by default, we are in charge.

He expects us to rule and reign over everything on the surface of the earth. He also expects us to serve, worship, and honor Him from the innermost part of our being.

At every point in time, God speaks to us in diverse forms, if you have never heard God speak to you, it means your spiritual antennas have been blocked and you need the power of God to unlock it for you.

He speaks to us via still voice, people, warning, instruction, His Word, and several other means. Your spiritual heart, eyes, and ears must be pop open in order to hear Him audibly.

My question to you is;

✔ What is God saying concerning you?

✔ What is God saying concerning your career?

✔ What is God saying concerning your business?

✔ What is God saying concerning your marriage?

✔ What is God saying concerning your ministry?

If you are a genuine regular follower of God, you will be able to discern when He speaks to you. Please understand that if you don’t commit anything into His care or hands, He will be quiet about your case. He will leave you to handle your matter alone.

Hear me; God is still in the business of speaking to people, I am living proof of this, if you really want God to speak to you, start with what He likes, that is; praise and worship, pray, and then meditate on His word, and you’ll begin to hear Him speak to you.

From now on, all that the Lord has spoken to you, whether in your finance, business, spiritual life, marital life, academic life, whatever it is; you will begin to see His hands henceforth. Amen!

Beginning from today, every seed of failure, sorrow, bitterness, and frustration shall be permanently uprooted over your life. His blessings resident in the book of Deuteronomy 28 shall overtake you if you will diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord and obey all of His commandments.

Here is what He said concerning you; He will make you lilies among thorns, He will make you a channel of blessing through which many shall be blessed, impacted and transformed, He will disappoint your mockers and change your story into glory, He will make you the head and not the tail, He will silence all your adversaries and catapult you to greater heights, He will promote and defend you at all times, He will make your life memorable and colorful, He will decorate your destiny with every good thing of life, He will bless the works of your hands, He will redeem your life from evil and He will show compassion unto you despite the fact that you didn’t qualify for it.

He also said, if you can submit the totality of your life to Him including everything you possess, He will secure your future, dynamically transform your life beyond your wildest expectation, take you to your next phase in greatness and destroy every devourer that won’t allow you to enjoy your labor.

If you believe the above confession and affirmation, give thanks, claim it, because it is signed, sealed, and delivered in the realm of eternity.

Where do you want God to touch in your life? Which area do you need Him to visit you? Talk to Him about it and you will receive your answers.

#And God Said!!!


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