Our Daily Diet With Jesufemi O. OPADIRAN

Our Daily Diet With Jesufemi O. OPADIRAN

Our Daily Diet With Jesufemi O. OPADIRAN

Topic: Study!!!

In the words of Benjamin Franklin, he asserted that investment into knowledge is the best form of investment ever.

Personally, I belong to the school of thought that values knowledge more than anything else in the world and it will be great if everyone accessing this piece can do the same.

If you must travel far in whatever endeavor you undertake, you must be a close associate of studying.

As a matter of fact, it is going to be a psychological disorder to value knowledge and not get attracted to studying.

Folks who are knowledge-driven are usually study driven. When you invest in studying, you become a walking knowledge anytime, any day.

In other words, the more of a study you are able to devote your time to, the greater your level of relevance in the outside world.

It is so unfortunate that we live in a century where studying is more like a taboo especially to our youths, it is considered a burden to a larger percentage of our teeming youths.

We are more concerned about making money by every means possible rather than sitting down to study and invest in our minds.

I have come to understand some basic principles that guide money-making and once those principles are boycotted, we will keep running and chasing the same money without any positive result.

One of the principles through which money can be made is via studying. When you study, you skim the surface; when you study, you are opened to information that will assist you in uprooting the seed of poverty.

Also, when you study, you are exposed to the realities of how wealth works, how it can be gotten, how it can be managed and how it can be sustained. In fact, the maximization of wealth will be adequately understood in the process.

Your idea bank is empty and blank because you are void of studying, you are confused in life because you have failed to study the important things of life. Truth is, anyone who is void of study is nothing but a living corpse.

Hear me; every addicted studier ends up as a potentially great leader to his world. In the same manner, every non-addicted studier ends up as a potential slave to his leader.

If you are fed up with people exploiting you, undervaluing you and using you anyhow to scale up their own business, then waste no time at all, begin the ministry of studying from today and you’ll be astonished at what your life and future will turn out to be.

To study means to excuse oneself from anything that could cause distraction, it means to concentrate and focus on the said subject at hand, it means to carefully philosophize over oneself without entertaining a second party and it means to patiently meditate on the material with a view to digesting it.

As young men and women, it is time to desist from making a mockery of ourselves and start redirecting our energy into stuff that will enable us to be celebrated tomorrow.

You cannot consistently be a lover of study and not break forth in life, career, and business. I want to encourage you from now on to invest your strength in studying resources that are proven and tested.

They will not only aid you in your quest for success, but they will also fine-tune your mode and method of thinking. In addition, studying increases your rate of understanding facts, figures, and concepts.

If you have considered studying as a problem, a challenge, and a burden, beginning from now, reset and readjust your mind again and begin to see a better perspective to it.

Note, study to show yourself approved, a workman that needed not to be ashamed but rightly dividing the words of truth. No one will respect and give credence to you if you are not a studier.

I want to appeal to you from today to take at least 30 minutes each day to study something, I mean something that will stretch you and lighten your eye of understanding further. If whatever you are studying doesn’t change the way you think, you haven’t started studying at all.

Your study time is your private time, therefore, you are expected not to attend to any other thing if you are serious about getting the right result. Once you are able to discipline yourself to know that, the better for you.

Study without ceasing just as you pray without ceasing.



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