Our Daily Diet With Jesufunmi O. Opadiran

Our Daily Diet With Jesufunmi O. OpadiranOur Daily Diet With Jesufunmi O. Opadiran

Topic: Impact!!!

We are created for impact, alive to make a difference, and empowered to influence our world triumphantly.

Your role, responsibility, and position on earth is to cause a drastic turnaround and transformation in our world.

Listen; there is no exception as to who the Almighty God has destined or ordained to affect and transform lives.

We are all in the big picture, thus expected to play our part in making the world a more beautiful place to live in.

Over time, there is a general misconception accepted by a number of persons, one of which is, I am not enlisted in the class of people ordained to make a difference.

Some persons believe outrightly that impacting the world is not part of their mandate in life, so, for them, their coming to earth is simply to enjoy and have fun, make some good money and live the best of life possible.

Regardless of whatever your instinct might be telling you, I have come to announce and disabuse your mind that your existence on earth is far beyond food, fashion, and drink.

In fact, there is a vacuum the Almighty God has reserved for you to fill and if you fail to fill it, your coming to earth is absolutely a minus to Him and that tells you that you are not at all different from that fig tree Jesus cursed.

Each time you are privileged to see a brand new day, always challenge yourself by asking yourself the following fundamental questions; what am I doing to better my world? What is my contribution to humanity? Am I a plus or a minus to my world?

The more you enquire about the above questions, the more your mind gets frozen, frozen in the sense that there is an urgent need to really make a quick decision so as to get involved in what you have already concluded as ‘it is not my thing.’

To impact means to add value to the life of others, it means to change the negative thinking of people into positive ones, it means to speak life into a hopeless and dying situation and it means to personally sacrifice one’s resources, time, and attention for others.

Every impact maker is a destiny builder, road maker, mind constructor, and refiner of crude souls. Let me sound this note of warning to some of us, people will not remember us for whatever achievements we may have made, they will only remember us for the lives we are able to transform.

Of a truth, impacting lives will not be easy, the things and perhaps people who ought to support us in making our dream of impacting our world positively might be unavailable, at some point; our reason for giving up might be worth it but we must always remember, winners never quit.

From now, have a prepared mind towards impacting your world, you don’t have to necessarily start big, begin with the little people in your environment, let them feel your impact in their lives, and gradually, you spread your tentacles across to other suburbs areas and then to other states and nations of the world.

You are a necessity, I mean an asset to our world and not a liability. Liabilities are people who are narrow-minded, short-sighted, and only think about themselves alone. Men of impact forget about themselves and exert their energy on others.

If truly you desire to die empty, then start making the right impact from today. Today is the only day that counts, tomorrow is uncertainty. Therefore, make the best use of today to influence and touch the lives of others in every capacity you have.

Finally, if you are not ready to be selfless, you are not likely to make an impact on your world. Build yourself into a selfless personality and you’ll be inspired to make an enormous impact on your world.

Impact locally! Impact internationally!! Impact crazily!!! Impact and keep impacting without looking back, it will definitely be worth it.



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