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Popular Online Home Schooling Resource Quietly Promotes LGBT Way to Youngsters

Popular Online Home Schooling Resource Quietly Promotes LGBT Way to Youngsters

Popular Online Home Schooling Resource Quietly Promotes LGBT Way to Youngsters

As LGBT activists flood American society with their sexualized agenda, Christian activists are warning that oldsters who home school their youngsters have to be compelled to bear in mind that LGBT material has already found its approach into fashionable online educational videos.

LifeSiteNews reports that a number of Khan Academy’s free educational syllabus is interlacing with a correctness read of sexual practice.

As an example, the website denotes the subsequent English downside found in a Khan Academy session:

The lesson is on “Irregular Plural Nouns: from ‘f’ to ‘ves.'” The unsuspecting student is told to “Choose the proper plural noun to use during this sentence”:

‘Brittany and national Sofia went to lunch with their_________which each Saturday.'”

Khan Academy’s “correct” answer reveals the gay agenda behind English “problem”:

The only selections are “wifes” or “wives.”

“Activist Mommy” Elizabeth Johnston reminded readers of her fashionable journal that albeit Khan Academy was supported to supply free distinct education for all youngsters, “it did not take long for political orientation to penetrate. Alone, the non-profit accepted $3.5 million from donors like Bill Gates and Google, that alone speaks volumes concerning their agenda.”

“Some may say that a parent might merely skip this one question whereas operating with their homeschooled kid, however, the sole reason this question even exists is that we’ve buried our heads in the sand and omitted this garbage for much too long,” E. Johnston noted on Mon on her online journal. “If you think that it’s simply this one question, reconsider. There is no doubt additional material from this company, and certain others can before long imitate.”

“The LGBTQ agenda is forcing recognition of couple and transgenderism in core courses of our public education system,” Arthur Schaper of California Mass Resistance told LifeSiteNews.

The news website noted that besides the Gates Foundation’s initial grant, the web academy has received over $17 million in funding. They reminded founder Salman Khan that been successful comes responsibility. Besides the money from the company and personal investors comes the expectation to follow bound agendas.

“This is proof once more that the gay agenda has ne’er been concerning reassuring equality for all,” Schaper told the web site. “It’s concerning imposing a harmful agenda on our culture and our society, and is set to undermine Judeo-Christian values and therefore the US as a full. It’s anti-family, anti-life, and anti-biology.”

“The semi-permanent goal to learn youngsters have been to traditionalize these harmful behaviors so these youngsters as adults won’t solely settle for sexual practice and transgenderism as normal elements of life however fight to confirm their protection,” he explained.

But Schaper believes this approach can ultimately backfire.

“In my read, this elementary tutorial approach to imposing LGBTQ views onto youngsters can backfire,” he noted. “The younger generation — Generation Z, born on or once 1998 — is resisting this rigid secularization.  Turning the entire LGBTQ agenda into a collection of dry school assignments can solely more de-legitimize the movement.”


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