The Reason Why We Sing Lyrics Kirk Franklin

Lyrics Why We Sing By Kirk Franklin

Check out these fantastic song Lyrics for “Why We Sing Lyrics” by Kirk Franklin. Read and enjoy the lyrics by singing along.

Kirk Franklin Lyrics

The Reason Why We Sing Lyrics Kirk Franklin

Someone asked the question
Why do we sing?
When we lift our hands to Jesus
What do we really mean?

Someone may be wondering
When we sing our song
At times we maybe crying.
And nothings even wrong

I sing because I’m happy
I sing because I’m free
His eye is on the sparrow
That’s the reason why I sing

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You’re the reason why I sing

I give the praises to You

Youre the reason why I sing

And when the song is over
We’ve all said
In your heart just keep on singing
And the song will never end

And if somebody asks you
Was it just a show
Lift your hands and be a witness
And tell the whole world

And when we cross that river
To study war no more
We will sing our songs to Jesus
The one whom we adore


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