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Biography of Paul Cain

Paul Cain Biography

Biography of Paul Cain

Biography of Paul Cain

Paul Cain Biography

Paul Cain Biography – Paul Cain was a Charismatic Christian minister born on June 16, 1929, and went to be with the Lord on February 12, 2019. He was actively involved with the duo of neo-charismatic churches and the Charismatic Movement.

Paul Cain was known to be a prophet. He lived in California and ministered at a local church monthly in Santa Maria, California until his demise.

Early Life and Ministry

His birth was a miraculous one. Cains mother was terminally ill with cancer, tuberculosis, and other dangerous diseases and was not expected to live not to talk of safe delivery of the baby. But to the surprise of everyone and even the doctors, both Cain and his mother survived it. The mother was healed in due course. According to Cain, his mother had an angelic visitation at this critical time, and also due to the fervent prayers of family. His name “Paul” was a result of the visitation and his mother became certain of his calling to preach. He was born in Garland, Texas on June 16, 1929.


Paul Cain’s meetings drew crowds of over 30,000 in Switzerland and Germany. At this time of his ministry, he used a very large tent, like other ministers of that age, such as Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, and Jack Cole. He disappeared from public view after his claim of being “challenged by the Lord” concerning the excesses of various leaders in that movement. He became repulsed by what he saw as the corruption of a once-pure movement into a circus of hype and greed.

In his later ministry, Paul Cain began to travel around the world, testifying to the gospel and calling the church back to purity and holiness. His later ministry was eventful as he served as a consultant to the Central Intelligence Agency-Paranormal Division, a consultant to the FBI, and a Presidential Consultant. He became a Special Envoy for three presidents as well.

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Paul Cain ministered to various national and international leaders. It is worth noting that during the reign of Clinton, Paul Cain went to Iraq to meet with Saddam Hussein.


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