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Download Dr. Paul Enenche Messages MP3

Download Dr. Paul Enenche Messages MP3

Download Dr. Paul Enenche Messages MP3

Dr. Paul Enenche is a Nigerian trained medical doctor and a minister. He is the founder and the senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Abuja as the headquarters.

Pastor Paul Enench is also a minister in songs, with family, and with other anointed voices. The Benue-born Pastor has been a voice in the body of Christ and the world of science.

We have gathered some of his available messages for download.

Be blessed.

Free Download Pastor Paul Enenche Sermons

Things You Must Know About Marriage

Living In God’s Purpose

Pathway To Destiny

Discovering And Fulfilling Life’s Purposes 1

The Purpose Of Pentecost Beyond The Upper Room

When The Devil Is A Church Member

The Purpose And Power Of Fasting And Prayer

The Benefit Of Living On Purpose

The Secrets Of Divine Health And Vitality 1

The Secrets Of Divine Health And Vitality 2

Triumphing Over Premature Death

Turning Purpose Into Vision

A Battle Over Territories

A Destiny Of Royalty

Aim Of prophetic Declarations

A Lifting Up By Light

A New Beginning

Anointing For Lifting

Anointing For Royalty

Anchor For Upright Living

Antidepressant Praise – Honouring His Word

Avoiding The Crash Of Destiny

Basis For Divine Healing And Instant Miracles

Breaking Financial Limitations

Breaking Negative And Evil Cycles And Patterns

Anointing Balm In Gilead

Breaking Family Generational Curses

Breaking Forth In Divine Direction And Guidance

Character Development 1

Character Development 2

Come Up Hither – Abraham’s Encounter 1

Come Up Hither – Moses’ Encounter 1

Come Up Hither – Moses’ Encounter 2

Come Up Hither – Jacob’s Encounter

No Weapon Formed Shall Prosper

Critical Wisdom For Successful Living 1

Characteristics Of A Man Of Fire

Destroying Evil Garments

Distinction By Wisdom 1

Distinction By Wisdom 2

Distinction By Wisdom 3

Dividends Of The Glory

Divine Leading And guidance

Exceptional Vessel

Meeting The Standard Of The Master

Mistakes In Life

Dealing With The Root Of The Affliction

Defining The Battles Over Territory

Discovering And Fulfilling Life purpose 2

Discovering And Fulfilling Life Purpose 3

Dissolving Mysteries

Anointing To Take Cities

Vision – A Force Of Faith

God’s Provision For Divine Health 1

God’s Provision For Divine Health 2

Living With Eternity In View

Emmanuel – God With Us

Escaping Curses In Your Family

Excellence In Marriage

Relationship Success Secrets

Foundations Of Righteousness 1

Foundations Of Righteousness 2

Foundations Of Righteousness 3

Free Indeed

From The Cross To The Grave To The Rise

Facilitators Of Dedication

Getting The Most Out Of The Word

Glory Fire Growing In Faith Through Understanding

Give Your Life To Christ

Hindrances To Wisdom

Highway In The red Sea – The Presence Of God

How To Activate The Fire Of God

Impact Of Supplication

Ingredients Of Wholesome Praise

It Is For An Appointed Time

Keys To Sustaining Personal Spiritual Revival

Keys To Vision Fulfillment

Keys To Supernatural Restoration 1

Keys To Supernatural Restoration 2

Lessons Of Destiny

Living By Faith 1

Living By Faith 2

Living Upright Through Love 1

Living Upright Through Love 2

Living With The Future In Mind

Living, Existing And Surviving By Faith

Marriage Family Convocation

Making Full Proof Ministry

Power To tread

Preserved By Love For God

The Nature Of The End Time War

The Purpose Of Calvary

Living For God

The Power Of Tongues

Prayers That Open Doors 1

Prayers That Open Doors 2

Product Or Profit Of The Anointing 1

Product Or Profit Of The Anointing 2

Pulling Down Satanic Altars

Pursuing Purpose And Vision 3

Pursuing Purpose And Vision 1

Pursuing Purpose And Vision 2

Restorations In Presence

Revelations Of Heaven And Hell 2

Revelations Of Heaven And Hell 1

Reigning Through Righteousness 1

Reigning Through Righteousness 2

Reigning Through Righteousness 3

Receiving Supernatural Supply

Secrets Of Supernatural Shift

Strategic Praise

Supernatural Speed

Surviving In The Last Days

Secrets Of A Glorious Destiny 1

Secrets Of A Glorious Destiny 2

Securing God’s Attention

Supernatural Power For Preservation

The Glory Of The Young Benefits

The Blessing And The Future

The Connection Between Wisdom And Glory

The Duty Of A Man

The Force Of Light

The Forces Of Life

The Hand Of God

The Necessity Of The Word

The Path Of Vision

The Pathway Of Excellence

The Possibilities Of Prayer

The Power Of Impartation 1

The Power Of Impartation 2

The Power Of Impartation 3

The Presence Of God

The Profit Of His Presence At The Place Of Prayer

The Profit Of Vision

The Secrets Of Supernatural Shift

The Three Key Effects Of Blessing 1

The Three Key Effects Of Blessing 2

The Three Key Effects Of Blessing 3

The Trap Of Bitterness

The Covenant Of Sacrifice

The Profit Of Service 1

The Profit Of Service 2

The Profit Of Service 3

The Anointing Of The Holy Spirit

The Blessedness Of The Blessing

The Covering Of The Covenant

The Dangers Of Unforgiveness

The Gift Of Today

The Glorious Home

The Glory In The Midst Of Darkness

The Goodness Of God’s Grace

The Healing Channel Of God

The Mercy Of God

The Nature And Power Of God 1

The Nature And Power Of God 2

The Power Of Light

The Preservation In Christ

The Product Of God’s Power 1

The Product Of God’s Power 2

The Profit And Boosters Of Vision

The Reality Of Supernatural Supplies

The Responsibility Of A Priest

The Secrets Of The Apostle

The Spirit And The Glory

The Word And Last Minute Miracles

The Devil Is Afraid Of Your Potential And Anointing

The Forces Of Life And Preservation In Christ


Understanding Purpose 1

Understanding Purpose Part 2

Understanding Purpose Part 3

Vision And Direction

Vision And Glory

Vengeance Praise

Vision And Supernatural Shift

Waiting On The Lord

What The Word Says About God

What To Do With Your Life

What Happens When God Remembers You

Why You Need Fire

Warfare Against The Effect Of Spiritual Gravitation Of The Wicked Forces

You Have Overcome Them

Your Praise And Your Faith

Necessity Of The Fire

The Mystery Of Blessing

The Holy Spirit

A Lifting Up


Breaking Family And Generational Curses

Covenant Practice Of Giving And Receiving

Changing Levels Understanding The Secrets

Come Up Hither!

Dealing With The Spell Of Delay

A Call to Holiness

Defining Gates The Battles Over Territory

A Cry For His Glory

Elijah Secrets

Prescription For Recurring Afflictions

Who Is Your God?

Escape The Curse And Make The Mark

Godly Qualities For Supernatural Financial Success Part 1

Godly Qualities For Supernatural Financial Success Part 2

Highway In The Red Sea – The Covenant

Key To Accelerating Prophetic Fulfilment

Keys To Vision Fulfilment

Let The Pharaoh Evil Family Die

Marital And Relationship Wisdom

Open Doors By The Word

Contending For The Faith Of Our Fathers

Praying Aright

Profitability Of Faith

The Mind Of Christ

Contending For The Faith

The Lord Killeth And Maketh Alive

Preservation By Divine Direction Part 1

Preservation By Divine Direction Part 2

Supernatural Openings

The Reason You Being Attacked

Revelations Of Heaven And Hell

Secrets Of Rising To The Top Part 1

Secrets Of Rising To The Top Part 2

Seasons And Supplies

The Strengths Of Deborah – Spirituality

The Strengths Of Deborah – Leadership

The Strengths Of Deborah – The Sense Of Responsibility

The Strengths Of Deborah – The Mother’s Spirit Love Natural

Taking Spiritual Stock

The Path Of Honour

The Tragedy Of Evil Money Part 1a

The Tragedy Of Evil Money Part 1b

The Barrier Breaker

The Essence Of Christianity

The Matter Of Grace

The Day Of Vengeance

The Necessity Of Existence

The Master With The Master Key

There Is War Part 1

There Is War Part 2

You Are Free From Foundational Forces

You Are Unstoppable

Your Praise Your Preservation


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