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Sunday Adelaja Biography, Ministry & Lessons from His Life


Sunday Adelaja Biography, Ministry & Lessons from His Life

Sunday Adelaja Biography, Ministry & Lessons from His Life

Sunday Adelaja Biography


Sunday Adelaja was born on May 28, 1967, in a village (Idomila) in Ijebu-Ode, Nigeria. The name Adelaja depicts he came from a royal family and it, means “Crown Settled This Fight”.

Idomila was a 40huts village in Nigeria, West Africa. He was raised by his grandmother being a fatherless child. He was saved in March 1986 just before completing high school.

He left Nigeria in 1986 after high school because of the scholarship he received to study Journalism at the Belarusian State University in Minsk, Byelorussian SSR.

In December 1993, he moved from Belarus to Ukraine after his graduation. The move was a result that he claimed he was threatened by authorities for having a picture of Jesus in his house.


In 1993, he founded “Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nation” with just 8 people with him inclusive. This started in his apartment. It was founded officially in 1994 as the “World of Faith Bible Church”.

In 2013, the church became one of the greatly increasing churches in Kiev, Ukraine, and throughout the world. The church recorded the following:

  • 25,000 members in Kier
  • 100,000 members in Ukraine
  • 1,000 churches in the rest of the world

The church has many phases/facets to meet human needs as thousands were fed daily from the church kitchen.

There is a program put together for the homeless to acquire skills, to help them back to normal life and have something on the table.

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According to the statistics by the church, 2000 children have been helped from the street and have been returned to their families after being properly taken care of them.

There is a line called “Trust Line” that runs for 24hours for anyone that needs help to call on.

Based on the statistics given by the church, more than 5000 drug and alcohol-addicted people have been set free from their bondage with the help of the church. The Organization in charge of this is called the “Love Rehabilitation Center”.

He has made much success in ministry that calls the attention of The New York Times to make a statement about him “Could there be a more unlikely success story in the former Soviet Union than the Rev. Sunday Adelaja, an immigrant from Nigeria who has developed an ardent – and enormous following across Ukraine”.

The following are the educational institutions he founded in connection to the church:

  • The Joshua Missionary Bible Institute in Ukraine.
  • The Center of Restoration of Personality and Transformation of the Society in Ukraine.
  • The History Makers Bible School in USA, the UK, Germany, and France.
  • The Institute of National Transformation in Nigeria.

His act of service to humanity was shown during the Orange Revolution which makes the President present him with a certificate of appreciation.

During the protests, the church erected a tent chapel on Independence Square and offer shelter to thousands of people who came to Kiev as a way of showing their support for the revolution.


Sunday Adelaja organizes annual Pastors’ leadership seminars which over 1,000 ministers regularly attend. They study the topic “Pastoring without Tears”. This was borne out of his passion to ignite ministers with fire and power to transform their cities and countries.


You should expect a man that has dedicated himself to seeing the lives of people being changed to be appreciated at various corners.

  • He was one of the foreigners in Ukraine who were awarded The Most Influential Experts in October 2010 by the Kyiv Post newspaper.
  • Adelaja featured as the Face of Kiev in May 2009. It is an annual competition conducted by the magazine Afisha and he took first place with more than one-third of the votes beating the second place, the most popular actor in Ukraine, Bohdan Stupka, and also the third place, the Heavy Wight boxer Vitali Klitschko, and one of the richest Entrepreneurs in Ukraine which was the fourth and the fifth was the Mayor of Kiev, Leonid Chernovetskyi.
  • He received the first International William Seymour Award at the Azuza Street Revival Festival on Saturday, April 25, 2009. The award is always given to ministers who exhibit the characteristics of William J. Seymour.


Though he has a flourishing ministry, there are oppositions to bring him down at all costs. Many were about fraud and he has always come out clean (Proverbs 24vs 15-16) by the grace of God.


Sunday Adelaja openly supports Ukrainian Nationalism.  He thinks racism is not typical of the Ukrainian society “I think it is a more Russian phenomenon, which came here. But Russia also sees how bad racism is for a country’s reputation”. He was a strong supporter of the Orange Revolution.



Abosede Adelaja

He is married to “PrincessAbosede Adelaja and they are blessed with three children namely: Perez, Zoe, and Pearl.


Sunday Adelaja has written and published over 200 books of which many have been translated to English, German, Chinese, Arabic, and Dutch. Some of the books are:

  • Life Is An Opportunity (2017)
  • Money Won’t Make You Rich (2016)
  • The Kingdom Drive Life: Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will Be Done Earth (2015)
  • Time Is Life: History Makers Honour Time (2002)
  • Accessing Divine Wisdom (2008)
  • Church Shift (2008)
  • Understanding God (2007)
  • The Road To Greatness (2006)
  • The Jesus You Never Knew (2006)
  • Successful Marriage Takes Work (2005)
  • Life And Death In The Power Of The Tongue
  • The Man-God Will Use (2005)
  • Pastoring Without Tears (2005)


From Sunday Adelaja Biography, we could see that his Apostolic Ministry has gone far beyond the boundaries of Ukraine making one of the desirable speakers and Pastor to Pastors in the many nations of the world.

Even despite all the challenges thrown at him, he could not be stopped. Telling us that whatever that is born of God will surely triumph over the world. The colour of his skin could not stop him.

You are not at a disadvantage because of your colour, you can make it if you believe you can.


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