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Joseph Prince was born on May 15, 1963. He is the evangelist and the Senior Pastor of New Creation Church settled in Singapore. His original name is Joseph Xenonamandar Jegahusiee Singh Prince and the son of a Sikh priest of Indian origin and a Chinese mother. He attended primary school in Perak, Malaysia. Commonwealth Secondary School was where he studied and had his A levels grades at a private school, Our Lady of Lourdes.

Joseph Prince had his birth name changed when he was engaged as an IT Consultant just before his appointment as the Senior Pastor in 1990.


Joseph Prince married Wendy Prince in 1994. They are blessed with a daughter, Jessica Shayna Prince, and a son, Juston David Prince. Wendy proved to be a reliable help meet as she has been a dedicated wife to her husband and a loving mother to her children. She has been a wellspring of support and love to Joseph, and the entire family. Through her humility and a heart for God, she has been able to touch and change many lives through her counseling.


Joseph Prince was one of the founding members of the New Creation Church, and he previously served as an elder and associate pastor in the church. A new turn came to the church when Joseph Prince was unanimously appointed as the Senior Pastor of the church. The church had tremendous growth from 150 to over 30,000 congregations under Prince’s leadership.

The dimension he represented and the message God gave him to share was first built and established in his church, and now Joseph Prince is fulfilling the mandate across the globe.

He has been the leading voice of the Grace Revolution in this generation. And he has been doing that without looking back. The grace of God that is without our input.

He is the head of Joseph Prince Ministries, Inc, an international, non-profit organization that seeks to ground, encourage and inspire people with the gospel of Christ via television broadcasting as well as new media tech.

Apart from having the mandate to preach the grace of God to all, Joseph Prince has a desire to make men free from the burden of Yoke due to the law, guilt, and condemnation caused by sin and shift their gaze to Jesus and His completed Calvary work. These have been evident in his ministries’ work as a pastor, teacher, speaker, and author because anything from him has been transforming lives.

His simplicity in teaching and revealing God’s truth has made him a highly sought-after conference speaker and he has impacted several church leaders across the world. The amusing way by which he teaches has made room for a wide spectrum of viewers who tune in to his daily program “Destined To Reign.” The broadcast has gone wide to reach millions of people across 150 countries. It is also available for streaming online through the internet and podcast.

Pastor Joseph Prince believes all men have what it takes for them to reign in life and he has been helping men realize what it takes to know the hope of their calling.


Some of the following is a list of books by Pastor Prince. They are books anointed to change and transform lives.

  • The Prayer of Protection: Living Fearlessly in Dangerous Times
  • Destined to Reign: The Secret to Effortless Success, Wholeness and Victorious Living
  • Healing Promises
  • Provision Promises
  • The Power of Right Believing
  • Health and Wholesales Through the Holy Communion
  • Glorious Grace: 100 Daily Readings from Grace Revolution
  • The Benjamin Generation
  • Unmerited Favour: Your Supernatural Advantage for a Successful Life
  • Live Thee Let-Go Life: Breaking Free from Stress, Worry, and Anxiety
  • Anchored: Finding Peace in Life
  • No More Mind Games: Win Over Discouragement and Depression.


Just like Pastor Joseph Prince has believed in one thing and that is the message of Grace. He has been preaching this for many years and lives have been transformed and pointing to Christ. He never belittled what God has called him to do and he has given a voice to it.

We must not lose sight of what God has called us to do even though there are many oppositions. That there are people around us that we think are doing the better thing than us and we now want to drop that in our hands, will be a mistake. Give voice to what God has called you to do and let it sound till men heard you.

Never compare yourself with anyone. Remember, “…but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise” – 2 Corinthians 10 vs 12.

That which the Lord had given to you, stick with it. Then all men will seek after you. Shalom.


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