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Biography of Reverend Austin John Ukporhe


Biography of Reverend Austin John Ukporhe

Biography of Reverend Austin John Ukporhe

Reverend Austin John Ukporhe Biography

Reverend Austin John Ukporhe was born in Ugheli on August 14. He writes songs, preaches, pastors, and is a lover of God.

In addition to English, Reverend Austin is a fluent Yoruba and Urhobo speaker. In his view, Christianity is an encounter with the real God rather than a religion.

God’s son, husband, parent, and gospel minister Reverend Austin Ukporhe is drawn to prophetic noises. He graduated from the University of Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria. As of right now, he is the Point Man for the Nigerian state of Lagos’ Remnant Christian Network Ministry.

According to Reverend Austin Ukporhe’s testimony, Apostle Arome entered his life in 2015, when his business was struggling. He was fighting several problems at the time and had essentially put his ministry on hold. Apostle Arome’s words were given to me by my younger brother, who believed that I needed more spiritual protection and fathering than I was receiving at that time from my place of worship. As soon as I started playing the message “Staying Power,” I heard someone yelling in tongues. Apostle was the name. I was enthralled right away. And I wondered, ‘Who is this man? What is his hometown? He made me think of my Sokoto church, and I couldn’t help but feel at home. I heard the message multiple times that day and then got his phone number.

After six months of correspondence, we finally scheduled a meeting. “When are you going to start what God has called you to do?” was the first thing he said to me the day we first met. He started having private bible lessons with Pastor Abbey, Pastor Victor and his wife Motunrayo, and me and my wife, Pastor Grace. Twice a week, we conducted those bible lessons till quite late at night. Before calling it a night, we ate delectable meals made by my wife, studied the Bible, and prayed.

Apostle Arome was very interested in me carrying out God’s calling on my life. On August 14, 2015, when our five-person team decided to hold our first summit under the Global Intercessors Network umbrella, he gave us the N45,000 we needed to secure the venue and gave me an honorarium at the end of the meeting. The extent of his selflessness astounded me. The second summit, which we had hoped to have in December of that same year, did not transpire.


God asked us why we wanted to move forward with Global Intercessors Network since he had already sent an Apostle to teach, train, and equip this generation during a conversation we had the next year while attempting to figure out the details of registering the ministry. He advised us to get on the bandwagon of the Remnant Christian Network and abandon the Global Intercessors Network. We joyfully completed this and haven’t looked back. We kept up our in-house bible studies, and at one of them, the apostle picked me out for prayer. After that, I was given the mantle of leadership for Remnant Christian Network, Lagos.

RCN Lagos has a totally organic growth, rhythm, and form, drawing inspiration from the Remnant Christian Network, Makurdi. This is made feasible by the fact that Apostle Arome, the father of the commission, rejects the idea of valuing money or cloning individuals or ministries. While all RCN branches are working toward the same goal, they differ greatly in structure and perspective. This is because the Apostle thinks that ministries should function under the distinctiveness of their own territories. This is why RCN Lagos operates in this manner.


RCN Lagos is merely a ministry that addresses the issues of our time.

Like Minister Theophilus Sunday, Apostle Joel Ogebe, Apostle Michael Orokpo, Apostle Edu Udechukwu, and Apostle Austin Ukporhe, among others, he is a direct spiritual son of the famed Apostle Arome Osayi.

Additionally, Minister Tiphani Montgomery, a black American gospel artist, and Reverend Austin have a lovely bond.

In addition, Reverend Austin writes songs. He published “Work Upon Me” in 2023 with 1Spirit and his spouse, Minister Theophilus Sunday.

Reverend Austin is blissfully married to Pastor Mrs. Ukporhe Grace Ebunoluwa, his true love. Their wedding took place on May 23, 2009.

On social media, Reverend Austin Ukporhe is active. Via his official accounts on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and X, you may get in touch with him.


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